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Juniper Berry

When using any herb for a herbal remedy or medicinal uses, please seek the advice of an expert before using. In herbal medicine, the juniper berry is very popular. They are often used a s a diuretic and appetite stimulant. The juniper berry is also used as a treatment for rheumatism and arthritis. The Western Native Americans once used this berry in times of hunger and famine as an appetite suppressant. Today, this berry is being studied as a treatment for diabetes. The important part this berry has on the treatment of diabetes is that it is known to release insulin from the pancreas. This wonderful plant also has uses of a female contraceptive. The essential oil of the juniper berry is used in aromatherapy and in the making of perfumes. The Native Americans used the juniper berry seeds to make beautiful jewelry.

The juniper berry is what gives the liquor “gin” its flavor. This berry is used as a spice that is most often used in European cooking. Cauton must be taken because some species of the juniper berries are toxic and are too bitter to eat. The color of these little berries are purple-black. When the berries are ripened, they have a very sweet scent similar to melon-berry perfume. The berries are often lightly crushed before they are used as a seasoning for food. The juniper berry can be used for cooking frsh or dried. They often add a very sharp flavor to food. These berries are used to flavor meat dishes. They add a very sharp flavor to food. They are excellent for serving with wild game. They give cabbage and pork a zesty flavor. Juniper berries are used in Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, German, Italian, Austrian, and Hungarian dishes.

In history, these berries were placed in Egyptian tombs. They were discovered in King Tut’s tomb. This wonderful herb does not grow in Egypt. Juniper berries were introduced to Egypt from Greece. In Greece, the berries were once believed to increase physical stamina. These little berries were commonly used in the Ancient Olympics. The Romans once substituted the juniper berries in place of black pepper, which was a very expensive spice during Roman times. The berries are very similar in spice to black pepper. In the United Kingdom, the berries are made into a pepper, called juniper pepper. Juniper pepper is often used for seasoning deer. The juniper berries are a wonderful addition to food.