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Jorges Cruises Personalized Vitamin Supplements

Whilst reading about the 3 hour diet thought up by the male model lookalike Jorges Cruise I wondered how anyone could possible find time to create a healthy meal every 3 hours, which Jorges advises is the optimum way to boost your metabolism to lose weight successfully. Not only that but the 3 hour diet promises to boost energy levels, mental alertness, build muscle mass and fight abdominal fat, without banning any foods.

However on reading the diet blurb Jorges isn’t really suggesting anyone eats a healthy meal every 3 hours at all, as he’s selling supplementary shakes and vitamin pills with a difference: personalized vitamin pills to be exact. There is a handy questionnaire to complete which will immediately spew out a list of the required vitamins you need to be taking according to your bio information. You can then order them directly from Jorges diet site to be delivered to you in handy 28 day supplies.

There is so much publicity these days which shows that those who follow a really healthy diet rarely need additional supplements as most of the necessary nutrients can be found in a healthy diet. Adding the bio information of a perfectly healthy 30 year old woman with no weight issues and not a single health complaint, who neither smokes nor drinks but takes daily exercise, the Jorges calculator actually advised taking two unnecessary vitamin supplements at a cost of $48.72 per month.

Adding the bio of a completely unhealthy man who never exercises, drinks and smokes daily and guzzles meat and fried food without a vegetable in sight, produced a list of 6 necessary personalized vitamin supplements coming to a cost of $72.36 per month, and included a rather dubious sounding weight management supplement which may well be an appetite suppressant. The personalized vitamin adviser suffered mechanical failure before I could hit it with further requests.

One can rattle around on this expensive array of vitamins, but for optimum weight loss success you really need to include Jorge’s range of supplement shakes, which are definitely not meal replacement shakes, but rather in between meal shakes. Jorge highly recommends that you take 3 a day, which like the vitamins come packaged in handy 28 day supplies.

If you choose to follow Jorge’s advice then 3 shakes a day will set you back another $149.85 every 4 weeks. Combined with the personalized vitamins and the actual cost of the diet plan, this must be one of the most expensive packages which has been concocted for the dieter.