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Jogging Tips for Beginners

You see people jogging all the time; it looks so easy and fun doesn’t it? It seems like everyone from the wealthy to the poor jog, which is why jogging is an ideal way to exercise. You do not need fancy equipment or a gym membership to hit the road. All you need is tennis shoes and a good route…and some good tips. The problem most people run into (no pun intended) is that after a couple of times of jogging, they wake up barely able to roll out of bed.

Mental state

If your heart is set on jogging but your mind comes up with excuses not to, then you are not going to be successful. Do some real thinking about why you want to start jogging and figure out how dedicated you are to that reason. The problem many people have is that they decide something sounds great while they are sitting at home watching television or lying in bed thinking before they fall asleep. When the light of day hits and it is time to get up and go jogging, the excuses can start rolling through your mind as to why you can’t go that morning. Once you get in the right mindset, the rest will follow; with some determination of course.


No one needs to tell you that dress shoes are inappropriate for jogging because that is common sense. What may not be common sense is that you do need shoes that are comfortable and made for the punishment of pounding the pavement/dirt paths everyday. It is certainly not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars to get a decent pair of running shoes. All you have to do is some simple research in your local shoe store or athletic shop, or online.You will want to look for shoes that will help absorb some of the shock that will travel through your feet and legs and you jog. You also want shoes that will not cause you to slip and fall; good tread is important.

Start slow

Avoid the huge mistake of starting out at a full jog. You can end up damaging muscles and tendons in your legs, as well as having back pain. It depends on your fitness level for how you want to start out. If you are severely out of shape, start out walking and over the course of a week or two, slowly increase your speed until you are speed walking. Then you can start jogging for a few minutes and then slow to a walk for a few minutes and then alternate this way for 30-45 minutes. Ultimately you phase out the walking altogether and jog the entire time. As with any exercise routine, please check with your doctor before beginning a jogging routine.

Techno goodies

You might enjoy your jogging sessions with some music or an audio book. You can find all sorts of interesting apps (distance/step counter, heart rate monitor, etc.) for mobile devices that can assist you with your jogging as well. You don’t need to use any devices to enjoy your jogging time, but some people do find that they add to the overall experience.


Great shoes, route and device are absolutely useless, not to mention a waste of money, if you do not make time to jog. Figure out a time of day that you can dedicate to jogging. It doesn’t matter if it is early morning, mid-afternoon or evening just as long as you know you can jog at that time everyday. You want your jogging time to be something you look forward to, so if getting up super early in the morning to go makes you cringe, then do not decide on an early morning time slot!

Jogging is not quite as easy as it first appears. It takes a little bit of mental preparation, the right shoes and a slow build up of personal stamina. The key is to slowly work up to jogging in order to let your body and mind get used to the motion and the physical exertion. The other important factor is finding a time slot that you can commit to consistently. The reason a set time slot is so vital is that it will allow the jogging to become a habit and something you actually look forward to each day.