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Is Soda Pop Bad for you

Among the side effects of drinking soda pop, the most insidious may be the addictive nature of the product. Laced with caffeine, and laden with sugar, some addictive type people cannot resist the allure of “just one more”.

Although it is common knowledge that sodas have little, or no real food value, many intelligent people lack the willpower to resist. Infants are often given sugar-water by well-intentioned parents, perhaps instilling a psychological need for a comfort drink. Lazy parents reward their children’s persistence for a soda, just to “shut them up”, and later we wonder why children demand more.

Marketing reminds us of the gratification of an ice-cold soft drink for a quick lift. Ah, the pause that refreshes. Who doesn’t want to “come alive, and be part of the Pepsi generation? They don’t advertise that obesity may be in your future if you cannot control your urges to drink sodas all day long.

Regular carbonated soft drinks have around 175 calories ready to invade your body in every 12 ounce can. Dedicated soda drinkers may easily consume more than six 12 ounce servings per day. Ever wondered why some folks just cannot lose weight? After more than 1000 empty calories, our bodies demand real food. Eating anything of substance in addition to the sugar calories will almost surely lead one down the road leading to over-weight bodies.

Besides the medical considerations of being overweight, the chemical composition of regular soda pop is great at rotting teeth. Some youngsters require substantial dental work prior to their teens due to eating candy and drinking sodas. Any dentist will verify the many ways that soda pop is detrimental to healthy teeth.

Another issue that should concern anyone who drinks sodas as a daily habit is the potential for long term effects on the stomach, kidneys, liver, and bladder. Colas are particularly hard on the filtering system of our bodies. The effect of coca cola on raw meat should make a believer out of anyone. Raw meat can be “cooked” by coca cola, seriously!

In addition, the phosphates in soda water can cause calcium loss from bones in some people. While some studies might not be convincing in this area, it is an absolute fact that carbonated soda beverages have almost no food value. They are, at best, a comfort food/beverage. There is no doubt that sodas are far from being a healthy beverage, so consider the option of adopting a naturally sweet fruit drink that contains some vitamins and food values that will contribute to good health. They taste good, as well.