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Is Smoking Pot a Benign or serious Health Hazard – Benign

It seems to me that this is pretty much a loaded (no pun intended) question, if you look at it from a HEALTH point of view then I would have to agree that it is no better for you than smoking cigarettes, and yes maybe worse as far as tar and nicotine. But from a social point it is tremendously better than alcohol. The list of reasons I say this are as follows…

1) Alcohol destroys the body a lot faster than pot under any circumstances.

2) Alcohol burns up our health care system a hundred fold over the problems that pot causes.

3) Our judicial system is swamped with people in our jails and prisons because they were busted for smoking pot in their own homes, not bothering or hurting anyone but themselves, and the only reason is because alcohol is “ACCEPTABLE” to the “MORAL MAJORITY”, I can hardly say that with a straight face. Truth be told there’s a lot of “THE RIGHTEOUS” that condemn it in public and then hit up the local high school kid down the block to pick up a bag when no one’s looking, but it’s OK to get sloshed at the “Company Party”, get in their car and drive the wrong way down the freeway and kill an innocent family of four going to the video store.

4) How many times have you heard of a “Pothead” beating their wife and kids when they got stoned, can’t say the same for an alcoholic. I’ve told many people that if my kids were going to do one or the other, obviously I would prefer neither, but that I prefer they smoke pot.

In closing I know it sounds like I may have strayed from the original question but if your looking at it from a health point of view I see it this way, people who smoke pot hurt themselves, people that drink hurt themselves, their families and everyone they come in contact with. Not to mention that the alcoholics take money out of all of our pockets due to the resources of our state and federal governments. Face it, if pot users had the funds for lobbyists like the drug and alcohol companies do we would all be smoking a big fat joint after dinner instead of washing down some LEGAL PILLS WITH SOME LEGAL ALCOHOL.