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Is Nutrition Linked to Behavior in Kids

Nutritious food is necessary for overall well being of kids. Lack of nutritious food will definitely have a negative impact on their mental well being.

Kids having nutritious food are more likely to show interest in learning. Research results have proved that kids who ate healthy breakfast regularly were more likely to do well in academics than those who missed breakfast. These kids were also found to be well behaved and less hyperactive while interacting with others.

Kids with poor nutrition tend to become aggressive.

Today’s kids are becoming victims of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), a very common behavior problem. Three to five per cent of the kids in the US are victims of ADHD. The kids affected by ADHD are generally not attentive. They also suffer from inability to concentrate and are impulsive. These kids get distracted very easily and are generally very active. Researches over the last 40 years have identified food additives in instant soups, burgers, sausages, hot dogs etc, to be causing ADHD in kids. Foods containing artificial additives should not be served to kids. But unfortunately we see kids around us munching at them.

People responsible for kids should ensure that kids are served with foods with long lasting energy. Kids burn a lot of calories at school by involving themselves in learning and playing. Their diet should include legume, cereals, oat meals, fruits, vegetables and milk. Kids served with such diet do not get tired easily. Kids tend to become temperamental when they are tired.

Kids love sweets like candies. They contain refined sugar which give quick energy to the human system. This energy gets exhausted very soon. Kids become hyperactive and tired in quick succession making them irritable.

Doctors in the United States of America have observed that caffeine in soft drinks (fuzzy drinks) can disrupt sleep patterns in kids. Kids who do not sleep well in the night will not be able to behave normally during the day. They tend to get tired and moody. Kids should avoid soft drinks.

Kids are the future of our world. It is the responsibility of parents and society to take care of them. A right step in this direction is to feed them with nutritious food and to educate them on the benefits of eating nutritious food. Then we can hope for a world full of healthy and well behaved citizens.