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Is it Safe to Cross Fit – Yes

Cross fit is an intense exercise workout that utilizes the discipline of several different sports. The cross fit work out can be done alone or within a group. This workout is available at some gyms, and there are Internet videos offering advice and workout sessions. Cross fit first became popular with the military types, fire fighters and police officers.

Cross fit employs short workout that varies daily and have a high intensity. There are about 50 core exercise routine that are mixed and matched each day. The workouts are designed to last for twenty minutes and incorporate the whole body. The intensity and the short duration of the training will prevent a plateau.

One should gain confidence in their ability to execute each move correctly before intensifying their workout. The exercise routine is the same for each person, but the level of intensity differs. Cross fit can be modified to address age, health issues and overall fitness. This exercise program is being practiced by children, teens, adults and the elderly.

Glassman who designed this workout intended it for the purpose of improving functional strength. A combination of movements is utilized to achieve this goal. The mantra of cross fit is power, agility, flexibility and strength. It basically combines high intensity training with gymnastics, and Olympic lifting.

The potential for injury with this fast pace routine is real. These work outs can cause a medical condition called rhabdomyolysis. This means that there is a breakdown of muscle fibers that can be released into the blood stream. This type of activity in the body can cause kidney failure. Make sure your instructor is certified to be a cross fit trainer. Start slowly, and learn the moves correctly before you pick up speed. It is recommended that you spend a month familiarizing yourself with the movements before increasing intensity.

The exercise routine varies from day to day. The idea is to keep the routines fresh so as to work all parts of the body. No one will ever complain of boredom with the variety of movements that is incorporated in the crossfit work outs. Eat a healthy diet since these intense workouts will increase appetite.

The people who practice this type of fitness regimen are enthusiastic about it. One of the benefits is the short amount of time cross fitters spend on training. Cross fit can be done safely if each person accepts personal responsibility for them selves. Assess your physical health before starting this program.