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Is it really that Difficult to Lose Weight

Losing weight is difficult. It’s difficult for those who have tried many times and each time didn’t manage to reach their goals. It’s difficult because they were looking for a short term fix and maybe they lost it but within a few short weeks they probably gained half of it back. Permanent weight loss is easy. All the diet books on the market make the process seem a lot more complicated than it is. It’s not just about what you put in your mouth and how much physical activity you do. Weight loss is more than that.

Depriving yourself of food makes losing weight seem extremely difficult. But weight loss doesn’t have to mean constant deprivation. You can lose weight and still enjoy a slice of cake from time to time. It’s fine to have a day off exercise and lie down on the couch. It’s even fine to have a couple wines with finger food at a party. Weight loss isn’t about living off celery sticks, cabbage soup and dry chicken breast.

Losing weight permanently is all about making permanent changes in your lifestyle. If you want to lose weight stop looking for a short term fix. The diets that promise you to lose large amounts of weight will be difficult, they will work, but you’ll be going back to them time after time because you’ll keep putting the weight back on. Instead you need to find a balance. Change your lifestyle habits into healthier ones and watch as weight loss becomes the easiest of things.

There are a few simple steps that make losing weight easy. Firstly you need to change the way you eat every single day. The majority of your meals should be made up of vegetables, protein and grains, a bit of fruit and some dairy. The sweets, junk food and oils should be left for the odd weekend. That way you’re eating well 80% of the time and indulging about 20% of the time, though you’ll be better off if you make that ration 90:10.

The second step to making weight loss less difficult is to learn to love exercise. Working out has to be a permanent fixture in your life not just something you do for three to six months until you reach your goal weight. Pick five hours over five or six days each week to workout either aerobically – running, swimming, cycling, etc – as well as strength training with weights and some flexibility and conditioning with yoga or Pilates.

Finally add some incidental exercise to your life. Stop being lazy. Get up to change the channel. Clean the house twice a week. Run around with the kids. Take the dog for a run. Go kayaking at the weekend. Play beach volleyball. Learn to surf. Take the stairs. Walk to work. There are so many ways to stay activity. Do them and weight loss won’t seem so difficult.