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Is Cupping an Effective Treatment

Is cupping an effective treatment?
Cupping – Effective Treatment or Not?

Cupping, Hijama, Buhwang . . . Effective Treatment or Not?

Known by many names, practiced by many cultures, cupping is an ancient practice that is quickly gaining much attention in the West. The dangers arises when capitalistic influences driven by the profit motivated medical industry encroach on ancient, conservative, proven, holistic treatments that were entrusted to healers, not businessmen. We are now in an age controlled by the Medical Mafia. No matter if treatments are termed conventional or alternative, buyer beware.

Cupping is performed by placing suction cups, using one of several techniques, upon optimal points on the body. Some heat the interior of the cups using kerosene soaked cotton balls or cone shaped paper and others use special cups designed to pump air out after the cups are placed on the skin. We prefer the heat method as it promotes greater sterilization.

In what is commonly called wet cupping, the first cups are left on the optimal points for several minutes until a pinkish red bump or hickey is formed on the skin. Cups are removed and then nineteen small tiny incisions, normally with a sterile single edge raiser blade, are made on the skin uniformly dispersed within the raised circle or bump. The newly prepared suction cups are replaced on the same spot and blood is extracted into the cup normally no more than an ounce or so of blood.

Blood extracted from cupping contains no living blood cells. This is truly an amazing phenomenon and perhaps the single best reason to support cupping as an effective preventative procedure.

Benefits of Hijama – Why it Works

The cardiovascular system is made up of the heart and all of the blood and lymphatic vessels in the body. The heart acts as a pump to drive the blood; a complex fluid made up of digested food materials, respiratory gasses (oxygen being carried in, carbon dioxide being carried out), and protective and regulatory chemicals through the approximately 60,000 miles of vessels in the body.

More than 90 percent of Americans live in jeopardy of having a serious illness relating to the circulatory system. The human and financial cost of cardiovascular disease in the U.S. is astronomical. Every year, approximately 1.5 million Americans have a heart attack, 300,000 of whom die before receiving medical attention.

Cupping (Hijama) does not heal your body or have a direct effect on individual medical problems. Cupping cleans the bodies’ cardiovascular system so disease never has a chance to develop. Where disease already exists, cupping cleans the system to help the system better fight and recover from the disease. It is very foolish to wait till this point. Cupping is best utilized as a preventative maintenance for your body. In short, it better enables your body to heal itself – No drugs, no expensive treatment or therapy and above all, no operations.

Cupping removes dead blood cells from the cardiovascular system. It is a bit like getting your radiator flushed. It should be done before your car overheats and the damage is done. Practitioners who emphasize cupping as a cure are like auto mechanics who claim flushing your radiator will cure your cracked engine block. Of course, your radiator should be flushed, but if it were properly maintained no damage would have resulted to your engine. Fortunately the body, unlike an engine block can often repair itself. In the case of some ailments and conditions cupping, if applied soon after the event, can have a very positive effect, especially with problems directly related to the cardiovascular system such as stroke and heart failure. Nonetheless, it is always better to use cupping as a maintenance and preventative procedure.

While cupping is a relatively easy procedure to perform and to learn, who performs it is nevertheless an important consideration. When cupping is to performed is often not considered by practitioners who seek to profit from their services. Many times cupping charges are calculated at a per cup charge, so the tendency to over cup is very real.

The technique we recommend can easily be described as the most conservative approach to Hijama or Cupping as commonly called in the West. The technique incorporated is a very old healing art sanctioned by Prophets and utilized by healers over the centuries.

By healers, we mean individuals “authorized” by real masters who focus on the spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing of the human being seeking assistance. Morality and spiritual enlightenment were of the utmost importance in the consideration of whom to authorize with this honored trust. Not solely mental capacity or prowess.

As long as the Master is alive, students of this art are sent to the Master to be authorized. Authorization is not simply asserting technical proficiency. It is something much higher – way beyond a persons mental capacity. These concepts and teachings can only be understood in the heart – in the realm of spiritual knowledge. They must be sanctioned and activated by someone who has successfully achieved these understandings from their master. Claiming to be a master does not make it so. The mind can not decipher between a real master and a fraud. Certainty comes only when the heart judges, not the mind.

Cupping Charges

Money historically was offered to these healers out of respect, not by demand. It was a good and honorable charity bringing with it an amount of protection and healing in and of itself. An understanding that has almost completely vanished from today’s money driven world. Inconspicuously, money concealed in an envelope or small gift was presented to the healer after the procedure – with full manners and respect and with an intention to provide a charitable reward. This action actually boosts or empowers the overall effectiveness of the treatment. Intention, respect, good manners and charity alters healing energy. The rewards from money well spent by someone spiritually higher than yourself, falls back on you. The closer your contribution is to something of real substance, such as gold, silver, or even a sheep, the more spiritual weight that contribution carries. Paper money, while acceptable, is less favorable. Checks and credit cards are negative in that your contribution is!
no longer inconspicuous. Real charity is not tax deductible.

Optimal Times For Cupping

Just as the moon affects the tide of the ocean, it affects the human body. Therefore, cupping should be performed on odd days of the lunar calendar when the forces of the moons pull assist in removing the dead blood cells.

It should also be done in the second half of the lunar month. The 17th, 19th, 21st and 23rd days are the best for cupping.

Moderate climate is also important, not to hot and not to cold. When the flowers start to blossom and nature begins it’s magical renewal, it is time for Cupping. Cupping may also be performed in the early fall, before the first frost.

Conditions & Dangers

Cupping can be dangerous if not performed properly. Aggressive treatments on several different parts of the body are to be avoided. Treatment performed outside of the optimal odd lunar calendar, last half of the lunar month, on spring and fall days is not recommended except in emergency situations only.

When the procedure is performed correctly and follow-up directions observed, there is very little risk involved with cupping. One out of every twenty-five people may experience some light headedness and some may even faint. This is normally the result of not having followed the preliminary restrictions or possibly due to weakness from an oncoming cold or flu. The real danger is falling and hitting your head as we always perform cupping in the seated position. With proper monitoring this danger is greatly minimized. Any signs of dizziness or cold sweat should be reported immediately.

Persons interested in Cupping need to abstain from sexual intercourse 48 hours before the treatment is scheduled.

The day of the procedure you should avoid food and drink, especially dairy products. One cup of Non-acidic herbal tea is permitted to help waken.

A warm shower should be taken as close to the time of the procedure as practical.
The tendency to become tired after cupping and want to rest is common but resting must be avoided for at least the first few hours after the procedure. This is why we schedule all cupping in the morning to avoid people from resting soon after the procedure and to make the fasting easier. Inactivity can result in the promotion of blood clotting, which is why resting is highly discouraged. In fact a half hour to one hour walk is recommended. This danger is extremely rare but nonetheless possible. Especially if falling asleep after the procedure.

Red marks from the cupping normally fade within a few days, depending on skin type.

The small shallow incisions necessary to extract the dead blood cells may take a few weeks to heal. In some cases faint tiny lines of scarring may persist.

For more information on cupping run a google search with keywords “Traditional Cupping Hijama”.