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Iraq Afghanistan Trauma Troops Deployment

The United States of America is taken care of militarily. We have the strongest military force in the world and we have some troops deployed around the world, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. Life has to be dandy for those fighting for our country and freedom, right?

Not necessarily. They are the ones who have to deal with being in harm’s way, away from home. You will gain insight on how deployment affects service members.

They are prone to suffer post traumatic stress disorder. What is it? According to Wikipedia, it is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event which results in psychological trauma, such as the threat of death to oneself or others. Can you imagine being on the battlefield dodging bullets and watching some of your comrades die? This is very likely to rattle anyone in this situation.

They are probably living in constant fear. Every time they drive, they probably have the thought of being blown up by a roadside bomb in their minds. If unidentified people drive up to their barracks, they have to be on alert and warn the drivers to halt or be shot, while thinking the drivers could be suicide bombers.

They probably develop homesickness. It is not fun being away from your family for a long time.

They are surely frustrated. It bothers them to continually be deployed for several months at a time.

Violence against fellow service members is a problem. You can sometimes read about this in the news.

Their marriages are at risk. The more a couple is apart, the greater the chance for them getting a divorce.

Being AWOL, or absent without leave, sometimes happens. Some troops might abandon their posts or their duty to report for their next deployment out of a necessity to take care of their kids. Others might do it out of spite.

They might sometimes have a false sense of security. It is easy to get your hopes up when the conditions in the territory you are occupying seem to be getting better, only to be let down as you are still not able to go home.

It undoubtedly wears on the soldiers who are parents. Try to imagine not being able to be there for your kids as they grow up.

They probably worry about the jobs they left behind. Even though the law requires employers to hold reservists’ positions for them, there is a possibility some of the troops’ companies will go out of business during these tough times.

You have learned how deployment can affect service members.