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Intuitive Healing Faith Healing Physical Emotional Intuitive Consultantreiki

The local newspaper carried an article about a young woman who is an Intuitive healer. She practices this alternative medicine at Berea Healing Arts Center. The article was written by Cheryl Truman and here is an excerpt from the article:

“Joanna Juzwik, eyes, closed, gestures with her hands as if wiping at an invisible dirty window.”

“Juzwik is not a medium; she is not here to help you seek your late grandmother’s advice on your new boyfriend. She is careful to limit the energy she releases via an intricate series of grounding moves. At the end of the session she leans over from her chair and touches both palms to the ground as a way to move back into the moment.”

It was a fascinating article since the ‘Intuitive healing’ was something new to our vocabulary and thinking. As we researched the terminology, we discovered the term is analogous to different types of psychic healing.

A medical intuitive healer is a psychic counselor who specializes in perceiving information concerning the human body. An intuitive can energetically read your body’s organs, glands, blood and other properties. Wikipedia gives this definition for a medical intuitive.

“A intuitive is an alternative medicine practitioner who uses their self described intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition. Other terms for this practice include medical clairvoyant, medical psychic or intuitive counselor. (1)”

The article says Joanna’s title is “Intuitive Consultant.” Not all intuitive healers choose to be labeled as a medical intuitive. Joanna Juzwik was quoted in the article as saying, “I’ve been a very sensitive intuitive person my whole life, but a lot of that is blocked off.”

The article further quoted Mrs. Juzwik describing her work. She said.

“My work is being tuned into the spirit realm…That’s when I can get in touch with people’s spirits and see the energy around their bodies.”

After reading the local article, I wanted to know more about how intuitive healing could impact a person with a medical problem. We back tracked to get a more precise definition of the meaning of “Intuitive Healing.” This definition makes the most sense because the article referenced to the word “psychic.”

“Intuitive healing and psychic readings arise from the same source. This source is the human soul. We have all seen the image of the psychic reader, looking into a crystal ball and saying “cross my palms with silver, and your future you shall see.” It is truly sad that this ability which arises from and is named after the soul carries such a poor image.”

The term was also found in the Spirituality Directory -this seemed a legitimate explanation. We continued to search out the other aspects of intuitive healing to get a better understanding of the implication involved in its’ objective.

We found that intuitive healing is an alternative healing practice that relies on the use of the five senses to locate and make correction in the energy flow and balance of one’s body. It is sometimes called “insight healing.” This is a non invasive procedure. Sometimes they don’t even have to touch a person.

Intuitive healing is energy healing based on various types of methods. One is called the Reiki healing- it is a Japanese technique; the Aura or Chakra healing- uses color, energy and light in healing; healing are the other types. These are the different types of medicine being practiced outside of the mainstream.

The practitioner uses their abilities to determine what type of energy blockage or imbalance is causing distress in the patient. You can find out what qualifies a person to become an “Intuitive Consultant.”

The objective of Intuitive healing seems to be found in this statement.

“Many intuitive healing disciplines are based on the understanding that the individual has the inherent ability to utilize the combination of physical, mental, and spiritual resources to overcome illness. With intuitive healing, the practitioner acts as a facilitator, joining his or her energy to that of the patient, effectively supporting the patient in the task of tapping into those resources and initiating the healing.”

What is the difference between intuitive healing and faith healing? Here is a provocative statement to think about as you might be inclined to ponder over this issue.

“Letting go of the reins- spiritually, or energetically –can free up space for growth and creativity in the body and that, in itself, is a healing. What are you ready to let go of?”