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Instead of Traditional Pasta Give this a try

Pasta has become a very popular choice as a basic in our diet. When switching to a low-carb life style you get a great opportunity to explore some options.

Most people have heard of spaghetti squash. The texture when it is cooked is stringy, like spaghetti noodles. I can be separated and cover in a low-carb sauce. My grandmother used to make this dish and I just had to make the sauce low-carb.

While it’s still pasta there are many new whole wheat and blended wheat pastas. The texture is the same, but it has more of a nutty flavor. You can get this pasta is every variety. The coloring is different so you may want to prepare your dinner mates for the change.

Couscous is a pasta that comes in a whole-wheat version. This pasta seems to be wildly ignored in the United States. It’s fast cooking and very versatile. It also comes in some great colors that helps make the presentation of the food more exciting.

Whole-wheat rice can be a replacement in many places you might traditionally use pasta. The texture is a bit chewy, so if your family enjoys pasta done with some firmness this could be an excellent selection.

One of the most interesting replacements that my entire family enjoys are leafy vegetables. We make lasagne with no noodles. Instead we layer with a leafy vegetable. We’ve used spinach, swiss chard, cabbage, mustard greens, and beet greens. Each brings it’s own unique flavor to the dish.

We do the same thing with tacos. Our shells are leafy vegetables. It’s a fun change.

You may notice I keep saying the family. We firmly believe in dinner together every evening. I can’t say it happens 100% of the time, but at least 90% and I don’t cook separate meals. So my low-carb has to meet the needs of all the family members.

If it is the sauce you are missing why not try some sauce over beans. Pick a bland bean and spice it up with a low-carb sauce.

It’s the variety that makes the low-carb life style one that is easy and quite successful. Have a good time. Play with your food!