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Instant Remedies for Bad Breath

The main cause of bad breath is often bacteria that camp out on the tongue’s furry surface. Another reason is food trapped in between the teeth or an untreated growing plaque. Morning is often the worst time for bad breath as the mouth is generally dry throughout the night when saliva production slows down. Sometimes bad breath, also known as ‘halitosis’ is caused by something more serious and is indicative of an underlying medical condition. Do not play around with bad breath, it is a sign that something is out of alignment. Get it sorted out as soon as possible, whether by your-self, a dentist or a doctor. It is not merely unpleasant, it is potentially dangerous, particularly if you follow good oral hygiene and you still have this problem.

A 3 Step Process to detect and cure bad breath quickly


We live with ourselves 24 hours a day and therefore become accustomed to the smell our mouths give off. It can be difficult to objectively detect the true smell your mouth is giving off and this is why it is ineffective to blow into your hand and smell. It is more effective to press your tongue to the back of your hand. Allow the saliva to dry for a few seconds…then smell.


Apparently, sixty percent of bad breath is due to plaque that accumulates in the folds of the tongue, especially at the back of the tongue. To get rid of the plaque build-up on your tongue, you can brush your tongue with a separate toothbrush or use a tongue scraper twice daily. Scraping the tongue is very effective.


Many of the regular mouthwashes contain alcohol in order to kill the bacteria, which is not the best ingredient. Therefore, it is not the preferred method. It is recommended that you rather gargle once a day with zinc chloride. It is usually a strong blue or green color and is believed to have a superior ability to eradicate bacteria.

Alternatively, a gentle herbal mouthwash that works:


– 500ml of apple cider vinegar

– 250 ml of water

– 10 cloves

– 250ml rosemary leaves


Soak the cloves and the rosemary leaves in the apple cider vinegar for 24 hours. Add warm water. Shake well, strain and bottle it. You can keep this on your bathroom shelf or in the refrigerator and use daily to rinse as required.

Quick fixes

– According to the television show, The Doctors, rinsing your mouth with 100% pure cranberry juice does the trick.

– Chewing on some parsley or fennel.

– Chewing on the peels of citrus fruits.

– Keep your mouth moist.

– Chew gum in order to stimulate saliva production, preferably sweetened with xylitol (good for teeth).

Note: These work instantly!

Mouth sores

According to Dr. Rob Hicks, a London-based general practitioner, drinking chamomile tea helps if you also have sores in your mouth. Take small sips and swirl it around the mouth before swallowing or spitting. It is thought to contain substances that relieve inflammation.

These solutions offered are instant and very affordable remedies for bad breath. If they do not work, please see a doctor as it could be indicative of something systemic. Do not give up if one method does not work: try another! It is your health at stake.