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Insomniac Disposition

Insomnia is a nightmare for those who live with it. It causes the sufferer to go through their day in a zombie-like existence because of the lack of sleep. As nighttime approaches, an insomniac experiences anxiety over whether or not they will be able to get a much-needed night of uninterrupted sleep. The cycle of sleeplessness and anxiety related to their insomnia causes the person so much stress that their disposition is often one of an irritable person.

Many insomniacs go through cycles where their sleep is disrupted for nights at a time and then will switch into a mode where they are able to get a few nights of decent sleep. The uncertainty of what to expect when bedtime comes can affect your daily mood. It makes your production at work inconsistent and your mood swings make you difficult to get along with.

Insomnia also causes your immune system to be lower and therefore you are more susceptible to illness. Your body is sending you a signal that it is worn out from the uneven sleeping patterns. Trying to stay well when you push yourself to get through your day on little rest is a normal part of the insomniacs life.

When someone goes through these extremes they need to see a doctor in order to help them get into a healthier sleeping pattern. Re-evaluating their lifestyle and possibly making changes that can help overcome insomnia will change a person’s disposition. It can take time but as a person returns to a better sleep pattern their disposition will change from someone who is grumpy and irritable into someone who is well-rested and has a healthier attitude.

Insomnia is frustrating to live with. Even if you try to push on you cannot help but be irritable because of the lack of rest your body is getting. For some people it is normal for them to get by on as little as 5 hours of sleep a night. They can awake refreshed and function well through their day. Everyone is different as far as how much sleep their bodies need in order to function to their fullest capacity. When you develop a strong fear that turns into an anxiety about not being able to sleep or waking in the middle of the night and this becomes a predictable pattern, you need help. Your disposition will change and the only way to fix things is to be evaluated by a doctor.

Sleep aids can sometimes be a quick fix but ultimately your daily habits should be investigated to see if you are doing things that are causing your insomnia.