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Information on how Allergies Affect Mood and Energy Levels

Studies have proven that this is leaning towards the fact that not only do people suffer from the physical effects of allergies but they also suffer from mood changes. Just how allergies affect your mood or energy level was proven in studies that have shown people that suffer from allergies find it more difficult to concentrate on their work or at school, their sleeping habits and most definitely their energy level. The good news is there are many medications available to counteract the moods suffered with allergies.

Studies of symptoms

The studies that took place where 2,500 people with allergies were interviewed and results showed amazingly that one in every four of these people were embarrassed as a direct result of their allergies. Over a third of these people had feeling of depression and over half of these people had feelings of irritation or just a feeling of being miserable with the symptoms they were experiencing. A whopping eighty percent of them reported the feeling of being tired. This certainly points to the fact that people not only suffer from the physical symptoms.

Medications and effects

The question then seems to be why do allergies have such a drastic effect on a person’s mood and well being? Unfortunately this is a part that is not widely understood by the medical field. It is thought that the reason was that the allergies become such a distraction to the person with so much sneezing, congestion and runny nose that it could be the cause but it is not known for sure. Another thought from researchers is that while taking medications for these allergies the mood of the person could be altered. This would certainly add to the depletion of people’s energy levels. Some researchers think that the changes that are released from other immune cells in your body may directly in the person’s brain.

Treatments options

Depending on how severe your allergies are there are treatments that are available. There are home remedies that can help. If you find no relief with these methods your next step would be over the counter medications. There are many oral types of anti-histamine on today’s market such as Benadryl but they are considered very sedating and may not be the best choice unless you can stay home all day. They are definitely known to alter a person’s mood as well as their ability to function fully. Other over the counter medications are Zyrtec, Allegra, Clarinex, Claritin, Alavert and generic forms.

These medications are fairly cheap and easy to take. It takes a few hours for them to start working and can usually be taken when you need them. These drugs are found to be good at helping the symptoms of allergies but there is a side effect although they are very rare this side effect is a low rate of sleepiness.

Nasal Steroids

It is thought that this form of treatment is the most effective. You will find many kinds of topical nasal steroids on the market but they are only available with a physician’s prescription. These nasal steroids are Flonase, Nasonex, Rhinocort, Nasarel, Nasacort AQ and Beconase AQ. These seem to be excellent at helping allergy sufferers. With this type of mediation it has to be used daily to be really effective. This medication will eliminate the running nose but don’t do much for the congestion or the itching. The side effects are minor with slight nasal irritation and dryness.

Over the counter nasal sprays

This group of medication includes NasalCromand, decongestants such as Afrin and Neo-Synephine. Cromolyn is only effective if used before the onslaught of the symptoms of allergies, it is a preventive medication so this is not a use as needed medication. There are also oral decongestants with or without anti-histamines so if you are one of those people that medications affect your moods there are plenty of options of medications without side effects. The only problem is that most of these medications can’t be taken on a long term basis. There is also leukotriene blocker which was originally produced for asthma problems but it has found to be helpful in allergies. It is thought that this medication is not as good as the oral medication.

For those of you that suffer with allergies there are more and more medications to help on the market and it stands to reason that if a certain medication helps your symptoms it will also help your moods. If you are feeling well, the depression and irritability should disappear with the symptoms. This is excellent news for the person that has a change of mood with every allergy attack. There should be an end to how allergies affect your mood or energy level once you have found which medication is best for you.