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Improve self Esteem

You can do it! (this is me motivating you, by the way.)

Self-esteem is extremely important, it either affects you negatively or positively. The choice is yours, because ultimately it is a choice we make. We either let people wear us down or we lift ourselves up. We have to take charge of our own self, because no one will. You are most important to you. Do not let others tell you how you should feel.

We are all beautiful inside, and that beauty shows on our exterior; but it depends how you feel. Most of self-esteem comes from how others look at us and make us feel, but we can change that. We all are individuals and as such we all look physically different, and that’s good. Our looks makes us an individual. Like snowflakes, not one the same. Imagine if we could choose how we looked? We’d be very similar…how boring!

If you have “rollies” (as I call my love handles) love them! If you are short, GREAT! If you have bushy eyebrows, COOL! If you have crooked teeth, so WHAT? Our looks are genetic, our personalities to some extent are too, but our minds are our own. Your mind is the greatest tool you will ever have. Your thoughts, your dreams, your loves, are all your own. Since that is true, you have control of how you think of yourself and how to feel about yourself. Don’t let media or anyone else (friend or foe) fill your head with how you should look, act, think, and be. Be yourself, strive to be a better person. What good is to be “beautiful” if you are rotten inside? It’s better to be a beautiful human being inside, and let that beauty shine its way out.

The worse thing you can do is be mean to yourself. You are your best friend or your worst enemy. I personally choose to be my best friend. It all sounds easy to do, as with everything, doing is the hard part, but if you don’t try you will never know. Take it from someone who learned this lesson on her own, I may feel down at times, but I push myself onward and tell myself that I can do anything I set my mind to. Including, maintain a good level of self-esteem. As soon as you start helping yourself increase your self-esteem, people will notice the new you and may be as bold as to ask how you changed. Talk about a boost in confidence!

Avoid negative comments towards yourself, such as: “I’m stupid,” “I’m ugly,” “I can’t do this,” etc. Au contraire mon ami, tell yourself, “Gosh, I look good today!” If you did something wrong, don’t reproach yourself, instead analyze what you did wrong and tell yourself that you will do better next time, or learn from your mistakes. Think positive, smile. When you smile you send positive energy to whoever receives your beautiful smile, and hopefully they’ll smile back. Another boost in your confidence, because you know how to brighten people’s day.

Every change, whether good or bad, starts as a thought ( a want). You can have good self-esteem if you choose to. No one will hand you a handful of self-esteem. You can read books about it, but unless you really want to you won’t put in the effort. Sometimes its better to let things be than to try, because trying takes effort. Make the effort to help yourself, it will be worth it.

Enjoy Life, Smile!