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Importance of a Positive Attitude

Positive or negative attitude – which sort of person do you like associating with? Some people seem to radiate positivity, which means they’re radiating happiness. Even in the face of the worst circumstances there seem to be people who possess the gift of exuding optimism. Sometimes we mock them for it. They seem too good to be true and how do they do that anyway? But still, they are pleasant to be around and make us smile.

For those of us who swing more on the dark side or hit the middle ground of indifference, finding a positive approach to life is like lifting weights. It takes conditioning and stamina and we have to work out a lot to build strength. It requires shifting our perspective in ways that we aren’t normally inclined to do, but, even though we may squirm at the notion of changing our much-valued perspective, it can be done.

Why is it important that we begin to exercise a change in perspective? The most important reason is it can actually make us feel better. Being negative is a drag. It’s a pit that’s very difficult to climb out of. After all, why bother? If what you’re climbing into is more negativity, just stay in the pit.

Being negative seems to attract more negativity into our lives. We verbalize negative thoughts to others and it comes back to us. We’ve all known the constant complainer who has a long list of personal disaster stories to tell us every time we see them. Somehow the list never gets any shorter. In fact, it sometimes appears this person enjoys his or her disasters because it’s tangible proof that they exist. If they didn’t have a little black cloud following them around who would they be? And as we listen to them all we can think of is how to escape. They repel us and we fear being caught in the web of their disaster list.

Isn’t it worth it to begin working out? Learning to shift perspective means exercising diligent self-awareness. We have to catch our thoughts and our spoken words and take care of them before they have the chance to catch hold. Ah, here comes one now – got it! This doesn’t mean shellacking over them with a pseudo-smiley-face superficiality. This means making the genuine effort to see things from a different perspective. It means doing the work to actually believe the glass is half full rather than half empty.

The result of learning to find positivity in life is that people begin to listen to your conversations without secretly wanting to escape. They may find you to be an inspiration to them in their own work to be more positive. When we change perspective the world truly does come at us differently. The rainy day is one that will make the flowers grow rather than ruin your new car wash. True the car wash is ruined, but it just doesn’t seem to carry as much weight as it used to. And with the work to gain a more positive perspective, positive things are attracted to us. The disaster list is disposed of and replaced with the good life.