Illegal Drugs

Illegal drugs have had an undeniable adverse effect on the world as a whole. They have destroyed lives and led to the rise of violent drug cartels. It is fairly obvious that the world is a worse place because they exist. Some of the illegal drugs, like marijuana, are relatively harmless and governments across the world would be doing everyone except the drug cartels a favor by legalizing them. However, the most dangerous drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, and crack cocaine are incredibly harmful to anyone who tries them and governments across the world should be doing everything in their power to eradicate these drugs.

Heroin, which is derived from the poppy plant, is a highly addictive and destructive drug. It produces an incredible euphoria for users, which quickly becomes both physically and mentally addictive. The addiction quickly results in a higher tolerance to the drug and will result in severe withdrawal symptoms if an addict stops using the drug. Side effects such as skin abscesses, collapsed veins, and HIV transmission (due to IV injection). Other symptoms such as decreased liver and kidney function are also problems occurring due to heroin use. The most dangerous possibility of using heroin is of course overdosing, which can only be cured by a rapid treatment with drugs specially designed to target opioid receptors.

Crack cocaine is a devastating drug that afflicts low income communities across the country. It is a freebase form of cocaine, which is mixed with baking soda and water to produce the “rocks”. The product is then smoked and produces an intense euphoria and energy. The withdrawals often include restlessness, twitching, and the incredible desire for more crack. There are many risks associated with using crack, ranging from burnt lips from the necessity of using a short metal or glass pipe, toxic substances that are used to make fake crack cocaine, and cardiac and respiratory arrest from an overdose. A devastating and tragic effect of using this drug is “crack baby syndrome”, the problem that babies born to crack addicts face. This usually results in decreased intelligence, social problems, and other health issues.

Methamphetamine is a very powerful drug that is produced synthetically. It can be smoked, snorted, or injected, and produces intense psychological effects. It makes users feel incredibly alert and energetic, causes an incredibly high self-esteem, and can result in paranoia, aggression, and a feeling of invincibility. Adverse symptoms of use can include “meth mouth” (a condition that results in rapid tooth loss caused by poor oral hygiene, a massive amount of sugary carbonated drinks, and tooth clenching and grinding), ignoring basic hygiene, chronic skin picking, and risky sexual practices. The drug is highly addictive. The social risks of this drug are incredibly high, from the increased likelihood of sexually transmitted diseases being spread, the possibility of meth addicts becoming incredibly paranoid and violent, and the risk of the “meth labs” exploding due to the highly reactive materials being used in the drug’s production.

These drugs are some of the most dangerous illegal drugs to ever enter society. The trade in these drugs must be prosecuted heavily and the origins of these drugs must be eliminated for the sake of all mankind. This would of course take an incredible amount of effort on the part of governments across the world, but it is a necessity that it happen.

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