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If People Hate being Fat why do they Stay that way

It is hard to imagine that anyone actually enjoys being fat, and yet this hasn’t prevented growing numbers of people from putting on so much weight that they find themselves classed as obese. Obesity appears to be contagious to some degree, since mothers and fathers are passing on their weight problems to their children, whilst if you have obese friends you are more likely to become obese as well.

Co-habitating couples also tend to find that they pick up their partner’s bad habits and gain weight as a result. It is obviously extremely challenging to swim against the tide, so that if everyone around you is also fat, you can find yourself simply accepting the situation as it is.

If obesity runs in your family then not only do you have to contend with environmental and cultural factors influencing your weight, since the chances are that individuals in your household probably eat too much and exercise too little, but also your genetic make-up. Having a pre-disposition towards obesity is obviously going to make remaining a healthy weight more difficult, since you may have been born a big baby and carried this weight into childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, particularly if your parents have been feeding you a similar diet to their own.

Some individuals prefer to blame their genetics than to actually fight against them, since ultimately weight loss is simply a matter of eating less food, especially junk food, and getting more exercise. It is still possible to lose weight even if your whole family is obese, but it might take a bit more determination, particularly if everyone around you continues to large quantities of your favourite foods and never get any exercise.

In order to lose weight you have to take responsibility for your own actions, but it is hard to ignore what the people who you have daily contact with are doing. You might want to be slim, but at the same time the people around you appear to be content with their size, making it easier for you to accept your own size. It is only when your health begins to suffer that you realise you can’t just ignore your weight. Even when your health begins to deteriorate, though, it can be difficult to modify your behaviour and to start eating healthily and do more exercise because if this has never been part of your routine then you can struggle to live your life in a different way, especially when your friends and family are able to continue as normal.

Everyone knows what weight loss entails, but it is difficult when the individuals within your social network are able to do what they please. If they can eat what they want and do as little exercise as they want it can soon gnaw into your determination to continue. However, it is possible for individuals to lose weight, though they really have to want it enough to achieve success.