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If and when Sex while Pregnant is Unsafe

As an 8 month pregnant woman i think i have researched and looked into this subject backwards and forwards. This is my husbands and my first child, its been thrilling, and scary. Our pregnancy was not planned and we were not married when i found out, so that changed things a little. We had only been together for 3 months when our surprise happened. We elected to get married right away. Since we were still at the beginning of our relationship the sex was of course often and heavy. We kept up that pace for the first trimester of the pregnancy. I felt great so it was not a problem. Then the weight gain started to happen and the need to have different positions so i was not putting strain on the baby and the sex slowed down. We tried them all the side to side, the from behind standing and laying down and bent over. We tried doggie style and with me in a chair and him kneeling in front, each worked for a while but as my belly grew and my butt grew the ability to get close enough for penetration was increasingly difficult. It was still safe but frustrating to find a good and easy position. Soon woman on top was about the only way. We slowly discovered that sex is very important to our emotional health but the need to not be as adventurous or as heavy going was a high priority. Its been really difficult finding a position that worked and didn’t cause discomfort to me or was awkward for us both to be in. The road has been really really hard but we have discovered that as important as sex is in the relationship there are times like these where other things need to be put first and the anxiety or uncomfortableness of the positions or timing just shows that slowing down on the sexual activity will in the end save your relationship. We spend more time just holding each other or showering with each other or other signs of affection. The key is to talk about it with each other and also with your health professional. Make sure you both have reasonable expectations sexually during pregnancy. If you can talk about all of this before you get pregnant or as soon as possible afterward. Sex is safe during pregnancy just not always possible.