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I am Feeling Stuck what should i do

Network Spinal Analysis

When you think of a season you think Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer but did you know there are a few others seasons? Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate all are seasons that someone who goes to a Network chiropractor will know. Each season is a little different and some feel better than others. What is learned from each season will change your life forever and much wisdom is gained. When going to a chiropractor who practices Network Spinal Analysis one will become more aware of patterns in their life. People have all sorts of patterns some are good but others can hold us back from being truly happy. You say, I am happy and have a good head on my shoulders why do I need to change? Change is good and is healthy but others see things that we cannot. With the help of a Network chiropractor we will be able to see them ourselves. The concept of change can be scary because we like to do the same things and they feel comfortable.

When we break a pattern we sometimes feel nervous but a lot of the time we feel very proud. We can change and reevaluate some of aspects of our life that need to be changed or could be better. We may not know how to change it because we may just have a feeling that something is a little off. Sometimes putting words to how we feel and why we feel them may be hard. Going about the normal routine of our life and not realizing that we could be holding ourselves back from our true potential. It is kind of sad when we think other people are holding us back but we are the only one who can change our lives. People may feel like they are in a rut or feel stuck but get so used to doing something we think this is our norm. Sometimes we think this is the lot that we are handed and things will never change for me. Some of us believe we are not good enough to be loved, have a great job, or be athletic. When we realize that we need a change we are unsure of where to go. Sometimes trying new things means doing a little research and a little trial and error is OK. How else can we heal if we do not stumble a little? Keeping a positive attitude will help but sometimes we need a little boost and outside support. Ask yourself where can I go to get help? Look no further, because when taking a look at all the benefits that going to a doctor who practices Network Spinal Analysis, is your first stop on your journey. The name may sound a little funny but once you come to know what it means you will be glad.

When being introduced to Network Spinal Analysis people usually attend a workshop to find out more about the technique and the doctor. Some people will immediately say Sign me up this is totally for me, and I am ready to make changes to my life. Usually people find out about Network Spinal Analysis from a friend who is already a practice member and they are referred to their doctor. When going to a doctor who practices Network Spinal Analysis things happen that only other people who are practice members will understand. A community is formed and people who were once strangers become your friends and extended family.

People who go to a Network doctor will be guaranteed that this is not going to be your typical chiropractor. In the past going to a traditional chiropractor meant getting adjustments to help get rid of the subluxations. Those terms are kind of scary and make you feel like there is something wrong with you. Going to a chiropractor makes sense because they know how to fix people and they will take the pain away. That is their job and they went to school, got a fancy degree and I do not feel well, why is it not working? When the pain comes back it can be pretty frustrating because you did what you were supposed to but it did not work. Some people receive relief and only go every once in awhile which is healthy. For those people who a looking for a quick fix or become too reliant on doctors they begin an unhealthy pattern. The pattern develops and over time people continue to and receive temporary relief but still feel stuck. People stay in patterns like this and are not even aware that this is unhealthy. Some people may figure that this will eventually work, and I am supposed to go a certain amount of visits based on what my doctor told me. They will see that this is a normal pattern for them and are unsure of what they really should be doing. They may want to hold onto what they know and even if what they know is not working for them anymore.

The doctors who practice Network Spinal Analysis all have a holistic view on the work that they do. They do not guarantee that they will fix you but they will give you the tools to help you heal yourself. When you visit a Network chiropractor things will look a little different in the office. There will be many tables in the room and people will share the benefits of another person’s session which is called an entrainment. What is an entrainment and will I get beamed up and meet Scotty? An entrainment consists of several aspects which include, gentle touch, breathe, awareness and coaching from your doctor.