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Hysterectomy for non Malignant Conditions

Hysterectomy is not a operation that i would recommend to anyone unless they are urgently needing it.. Alot of doctors will give a hysterectomy for conditions that can be treated other ways and never do they spell the long term side effects that could possibly happen to you. I had a hysterectomy when i was 29! Yes i know young and at that stage trusted that the doctors knew what was best for me… sadly they failed to mention that i could possibly have long term effects of adhesions after the surgery this was the 4th major surgery i had undergone and would most probably cause this problem as i already had slight adhesions from the previous operations.

It is only now that you are hearing about adhesions but i was diagnosed with them in the early 90’s. The devasting affect that adhesions has on peoples lives should be taken note of and we need more research into why they happen and look into preventing them…

Hysterectomy is a large contributor to this condition and is now becoming highly apparent due to statistics.

If you are a unlucky one that has adhesions it is very hard to recognize the symptoms and doctors will not admit you have them unless you have a good GP… there are some great support groups here in the Uk and America and all further surgery should be avoided like a bad rash.. With so many sufferers in the whole world then it needs further investigation and money spent on it.. It is the silent torturer and once you have adhesions there is no cure and they can affect all different types of organs in your body depending upon where you have had surgery (surgery is not even needed in some cases). It has been said that this condition is hereditary and can run in families and blood lines.

If there is any one out there that has adhesions, i sympathize with you and hope that one day medical science will catch up with this terrible condition and prevent further people from suffering.

If you ahve adhesions please share your thoughts and views on this subject and hopefully this will give support and help to other sufferers and carers. We need to speak up and be heard and it does help to let off steam when you are in constant pain.