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How families can cope with sufferers of Huntingtons disease, this is the topic at hand. Personally speaking, I come from a family with a history of this terrible disease and it’s just down right horrible! Through tons of research and personal experiences I’ve came to know a lot more than what I did in the first stages of finding out about my Mother having the disease. I’m not going to paint a rosie picture for anyone, because there’s not one, just like there’s not a cure to be found as of yet. I have had to sit back and just watch my Mom slowly fade away, wishing that there’s something I could do to help her, so we give her support and prayers!

Support and prayers, this is a good start for a family trying to cope with Huntingtons disease. Families need to spend as much time with each other as possible. Love, compassion and just a hug or two will go a long way! Keeping healthy, yes keeping the family on a healthy diet and exercise are great ways to show your support to everyone that is in this situation. My suggestion for a proper diet would be to visit with your family doctor to find out exactly what you should be intaking, there are special diets for people diagnosed with Huntingtons. You should also seek expertise advice from your physician for a proper exercise program. For prayer… a site that I visit often is www.ourprayer.org , there you can post prayers for family and friends, get inspirational help and so much more! Go to church, have your church group pray for your loved ones in need.

Ok! Get educated on this disease! Educating yourself and your family will only make things that much easier for everyone involved. Knowing where, when, how and what to do are important keys to finding ways of coping with this disease. I first started educating myself by googling Huntingtons disease on the internet, therefore, finding a huge amount of information which led me to my favorite helpful site known as www.hdsa.org , there you will find a heap load of very informative information about Huntingtons disease! At the HDSA website you can learn about…. Huntington disease (everything you need to know about the disease itself), the latest research for a cure, how to donate, how to get involved, how and where to get support, how to become an advocate, find medical resources and get support for your family even down to testing locations near you.

In closing, I’d have to say once again that above all; love, support, prayers and PATIENCE are going to be the best ways of coping with Huntingtons disease. My best wishes and prayers go out to you all.