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How your Family could be Making you Fat

A lot of cases of weight gain are self inflicted, but what about those that are overweight that are living with their families? Is the person that cooks for the family to blame for each family member’s weight gain? I think there is strong evidence to support that!

Weight gain is due to many factors to do with food, such as portion sizes being too large, consuming the wrong types of food, and not doing enough physical activity to burn off calories. Depending on how a family’s lifestyle is ran, it is entirely possible that physical activity is not considered as an important part of life. That is one cause of how your family could be making you overweight. Physical activity is important to maintain body health and use energy from foods that we consume.

Do portion sizes that you are given seem too large? Can you not finish your meals? Then portion size could be a problem! If you are the child of the family, and your parents come home from a hard day’s work and have barely eaten, then it is a natural response from the body to attempt to catch up with it’s daily calorie requirements, therefore, they are both likely very hungry. It is common for anybody to over eat when they are really hungry, and this is very likely the cause of big portions being served in this case. Of course, there are families that just like food and having big portions seems a natural part of life. Portion sizes reflect weight a great deal!

Does your family like to consume, and serve you junk food? Perhaps budget is a problem? If so, cheap food is littered with very little valuable nutritious content. They contain tremendous amounts of white sugar, something that the human body finds poisonous to itself, and they also have lots of sodium, which bloats us out. Families who find budget a problem may likely be forced to buy cheap, processed food that can make them overweight. If you live with your family then think about the types of food you eat. White sugar, as an example, is treated by the human body as an immediate energy boost, but if it is not burned off then it gets converted to fat. Many of the most promoted high brand foods contain lots of sugar! Consume carbohydrates that are complex in nature, ones that are used by the body in a more wisely fashion. Foods that have these types of complex carbohyrdrates are green vegetables, fruits and brown rice, to name just a few.