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How you can Stay Thin looking with a Small Amount of Effort

Staying slim is a lifestyle choice. In order to stay slim, you must make the determined choice to live a certain way. By living this way, you should not have to diet, crash diet, or starve yourself in order to lose weight in a few short weeks. In actuality it is easy to accomplish, you just have to stay active and eat the right foods, while allowing for a small amount of the good stuff to afford major enjoyment out of your life.

Everything in moderation

While not becoming obsessed with staying slim, you should watch what you eat, and how much of it you eat. Just like the saying goes, eating and doing everything in moderation is good for the body. When you do too much of something or eat too much of a certain food, you take the risk of harming yourself. That is why drinking a lot of alcohol is harmful to your body, leading to alcohol poisoning, or other adverse reactions. Whatever actions you decide to take, remember to do them in moderation. If you decide to eat less fattening foods,in favor of more fruits and vegetables, eat only a few of each veggie or fruit, so that your body gets used to the new food choices.

Water is a key component

Another tip to help you stay slim is to drink plenty of water. Water fills up the stomach making you feel fuller. Therefore, you will eat less food. Drinking lemon water is a wonderful alternative to eating many fattening foods. Adding lemon to water, gives the water an added juicy zing, giving a fresher, added lift to your day. Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day helps to hydrate your body, keeping the skin moisturized and ultimately younger looking.Water also helps to rid your body of impurities and waste products, aiding in the digestion of food.

Drinking cold water also helps your body to stay slim. Drinking plenty of cold water during the day, especially when it is cold outside,will make your body work harder. Therefore your body is using calories from digested food to keep itself warm. When it is really cold outside, did you notice while exercising, you suddenly warm up? You are using calories to fight the cold!

Exercise to stay slim

Staying slim is about being vigilant, and that means working out every day. Just exercising thirty minutes a day can help you stay slim. Besides working off stress, exercise fights boredom, makes your body stronger,and helps keep you slim and attractive. Calories are burned off the body by engaging in various activities.Even when sleeping your body burns calories. Doing housework such as vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing floors will burn off unwanted calories, to help you stay slim.

Eat plenty of fiber

Eating fiber aids in maintaining good colon health, aids in digestion,and helps to keep unwanted pounds at bay. Eating more natural food items such as wheat and oats, added to a diet of vegetables and fruits are also good food choices for staying slim. High fiber containing foods make your stomach feel full faster, sending a signal to the brain, telling it to eat less. Stay away from processed foods, high salt containing foods, and junk food; they add up after time adding inches to a waistline.

More tips to stay slim are to push your chair away from the table, don’t use food as an emotional tool, and to drink water. You can also go the extreme of keeping junk food and your trigger foods such as ice cream or chocolate out of your home.