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How you can Lose Weight the Common Sense Healthy way

Here are some common sense ways to keep your weight down.

I am not a doctor, or a fitness expert, or a nutritionist, but I think I’m doing well for myself. I’ve been married for twenty years, had two children and I only weigh four pounds more than I did on my wedding day- -136. And that’s only because I stopped drinking green tea, which I still crave, because my stomach couldn’t handle it anymore.

Here are some ways I’ve been keeping my weight down that you can try:

Walk as often as possible. I try to walk five days a week, a mile each day. Some days I walk twice a day if it’s really nice out. In the summer I swim for a bout a half hour, four days a week and I walk five days a week. When I can, I walk at the beach near where we live. Walking on the sand is hard work, but it’s worth it. Your legs will love you for it. I even walk on windy, rainy days-just for the challenge.

If you know you’re going out to eat that night, or to a party, eat a smaller lunch. That way, yes, you’ll be hungry, but you’ll be able to eat the great food and enjoy yourself.
Sometimes, I just don’t eat that much at a get together, or when we go out to eat. That’s because I’m thinking about the heartburn I’ll be having at 2a.m. So having gerd actually helps keep a person slim.

Eat sensibly. Eat until you’re full, not until you’re stuffed. Eat foods that are good for you. Don’t eat that junk food, or take out food. That’s why they call it junk. Let teenagers eat it, and burn it up with their super fast metabolisms. Try to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Don’t eat meat at every meal. For breakfast I have cereal or a small bagel with orange juice. Don’t have sausage at breakfast , ham at lunch and then a steak at dinner. Can you say heart attack?

Try not to drink a lot of alcohol. Have a glass of red wine every day because it’s supposed to be good for you, but just say No to alcohol. It puts on a lot of empty calories, and gives some people unsightly pot -bellies. Think of it this way-when you go out drinking with friends-five drinks could equal a thousand calories.

Don’t diet because they don’t seem to really work anyways. You drop 10 pounds in a month, and gain it back in two weeks. That’s because it’s mostly water weight that you’re losing in the first place. And then you’ll be making some diet guru rich, while you’re stuck trying to sell his book on E-Bay.

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. It fills you up, and you’re not getting empty calories from that expensive frappacino, and the donut you bought on the way to work.

Try not to snack during the day or at night when you’re watching TV. If you are going to snack, eat an orange, or a bowl of cereal that doesn’t contain a lot of sugar. Don’t eat what your kids won’t eat at dinner, just throw it out. Cut up celery sticks to eat, or have carrots. Try exercising while watching TV at night. Don’t let the long winters get you down by eating food you shouldn’t. Do something else, like shoveling the snow, make a snowman, or take up a new sport, like ice skating, or skiing.

Don’t overdo snack food, let the kids eat them, or don’t buy them when you go grocery shopping. Invite people over to eat all the junk. Just don’t touch my double stuff Oreos, or you’re losing an arm.