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How to Workout at Home Exercise Program

Getting fit without having a gym membership is a lot easier than you may have previously thought. There are many exercises you can do at home, and many alternatives to joining an expensive gym. And you will have more time to work out because you won’t have to drive anywhere, and you won’t have to wait to utilize the workout equipment.

The negatives of joining a gym:

But on the other hand not joining a gym has numerous pluses. When you join a gym, you usually have to sign a membership contract that extends from six months to several years. Joining a gym means you have to get in the car and drive to the gym everyday. And on some days when it is gorgeous outside, you would rather be doing something outside than spending more time indoors. Besides, who really wants get in the car and drive through bad weather such as a snowstorm to work out? Isn’t it a workout enough, just shoveling your way to the car and cleaning all that snow off the car in the first place?

When you join a gym you are working out where someone else just worked out and they just sweated all over the equipment. That’s gross! When you work out at a gym, everyone can tell how fit or unfit you really are. It’s like you have to work out to be able to go the gym before you join the gym. This way you can workout in whatever you want to wear, and sweat without worry.

Okay, fine, to the main point of the article; getting fit without the hassles of a gym membership. Now that I have stated all the negatives of joining a gym, let’s see what the positives are for working out at home.

How to work out at home:

It’s cheaper to work out at home than to work out at the gym. You can go for a walk either outside or at the local mall everyday for a super low price-NOTHING. Invest in a good pair of athletic shoes, and a new workout outfit. They cost less than a yearly membership to a gym. Buying several pieces of workout equipment is stilll less expensive than joining a gym. Buying a new stationary bike that will last for years and is a great alternative.

Buy an exercise book or a yoga book, that is still cheaper than joining a gym and teach yourself all the exercises you want to do everyday. Better yet, go online and find websites promoting exercise and print up the exercises you want to do daily. Alternate from day to day by walking several days a week. And then on other days ride a bike and lift hand weights.

During the summer months swim outside everyday it is warm enough and get a stellar workout in this way. You don’t need to join a gym to go swimming. If you have your own pool, get a heater for it and extend the swimming season. This way, you don’t have to wait for another swimmer who is hogging the lane you want to use. And you can sit in your own jaccuzzi and truly relax and invigorate your body, without making polite conversation about the weather.

Get your life partner or a best buddy like your dog to go for daily walks with you. Walk in different areas every day to spice up your routine. Make it more interesting so that you will continue exercising. Put on some invigorating, fun music and dance all over the house. Boogie your way to the fitness realms of life and lose weight while having fun! Create your own dance class and try different moves everyday. Buy a fitness CD or a dance CD and learn new moves and get fit at the same time.

Try joining one exercise class for the added incentive to workout. Area community centers have exercise classes. Local town recreation programs also offer exercise and workout classes to have that group feeling to keep you moving while you melt off those extra pounds. This will cost a lot less than joining a gym.

Joining a gym isn’t for everyone. Sometimes it is actually harder to find the time to work out when you have to drive across town to workout. And sometimes it isn’t worth the aggravation of waiting to utilize the pool and the workout equipment. Depending on how much weight you want to lose and how muscular you want to become, will depend on the exercise program you need to plan. Once you start seeing posiitve results, though, it will be easy to stay with your new exercise program.