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How to Work out while at Home on Break

Just because you’re not near the campus gym, pool and track during your winter break, it doesn’t mean you can just overeat and watch TV to your heart’s content. If you want to keep those abs and pecs in top shape, you need to push away from the table at mealtimes after eating very sensibly. In addition, you’ll have to avoid spending too much time on the living room couch.

At least once a day, spend an hour working out at the energy rate you normally use throughout the year. Although your regular on-campus exercise facilities aren’t available, there are many ways you can keep active and stay fit.

1. Early morning exercises: If you need to watch the morning news or talk shows, as soon as you get out of bed, do 15 minutes of stretching and squatting workouts in front of the TV. If there are any of the exercise DVDs available at home, slide them into the TV and you can join in on the routines.

2. After a nutritious, non-fat breakfast, put on your winter weather gear and get outside for an hour to hike, jog or bike. If that’s too lonely for you, join a local group that goes out together in the morning.

3. If there has been a heavy winter snowfall during the night, instead of your workout, grab a shovel and clear off your family’s walkways and driveway. Don’t use a mechanical snow blower. That’s too easy.

4. After that, if you still feel the need for more workout time, volunteer to shovel snow for others, especially those who are elderly or shut-ins. You can also offer to take wheelchair-bound neighbors shopping, or you’ll get exercise when you escort them out to the local park.

5. If your winter break involves lots of festive family dinners, parties and other celebrations, keep your dining indulgences to an absolute minimum. Eat small portions and stay away from all second helpings.

Don’t even think about chowing down on fatty meats, anything deep fried, buttered mashed potatoes and all other blubber-producing food. Eat plenty of salads, and make dessert a nice crunchy raw apple.

If you’re determined to stay fit over winter break, make sure you continue your regular daily exercise schedule. If the time away from the campus includes temptations to eat too much, just get up and run away from the table. And keep on running until you work off any extra weight you’ve put on.