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How to Work out the old Fashioned way

There’s something to be said for good old fashioned workouts. You don’t need a computerized elliptical machine telling you what your heart rate is when you can feel your heart racing and you are breathing faster. While it is great to watch a plasma television and get a great workout in at the same time, you can get into great shape without the use of technology. How did we work out before we had technology? We did it the old fashioned way, we grabbed our running shoes, wait a minute they were called sneakers in the retro-’70’s, and we slogged through workouts using what we had at hand. And with the economy in a continual state of flux, maybe it’s not such s bad idea to work out with a retro pair of sneakers, an old fashioned jump rope, and a set of stairs.

If it was good enough for Jack La Lanne and Rocky, it’s good enough for us. Here are many ways to work out the “old fashioned way”.

Whatever happened to good old fashioned walking or jogging? Walk or jog through the park, or even in your neighborhood. This way you can utilize the fresh air and breath it in to recharge your batteries. Take a friend with you for companionship and added security and take a fast, jaunting walk around your neighborhood. You could start a walking group in your neighborhood and make new friends that can look out for each other.

Workout with what you have at home. Jack La Lanne, a major fitness guru, who has lived to be in his 90’s, has always been a big believer in simple workouts. He would use what he had at hand to workout. All you have to do is grab a straight back chair, a ball, a jump rope and possibly even a punching bag to workout. A chair can be utilized as a tool to workout with. Sit on the chair and lift your legs up and down to build strong abs and legs. Grab the back of the chair and use it to do leg squats.

Workout with a simple jump rope by doing as many reps as possible. Start out slowly and build to a jump roping crescendo of a hundred reps a day. Do good old fashioned sit-ups before they were called crunches. Punch out a punching bag, and not only get your daily exercise in, but get all your frustrations out as well. Place a bar at the top of a doorway and do old fashioned arm lifts that will strengthen your arms, back and abs.

More old-school workouts are swimming every day in a nearby lake, ocean at the good old YMCA. Swimming is one of the best ways to build overall body fitness. Not only does swimming get your heart pumping, but it gets your lungs working and your entire body in slimmer, sexier shape. Swimming several days a week will burn off about 500 calories per hour and will have your body fit and toned before you know it.

Running up and down the stairs is a great way to get into great shape fast. High school teams of yore, would run up and down the stairs to tone the legs, butt, and overall the entire body. Many times coaches would have their teams step onto the stairs by switching their feet in many repetiiotns. This builds major leg muscles and overall body staminia.

Instead of buying expensive workout equipment, utilize your kids and their toys. Take a ball and by holding it with both hands bring it intio your chest and then out again. This builds those chest and arm muscles. Play an outisde, old fashioned game of kick ball, baseball or any other game that gets all of you moving. Challlenge your kids to racing from one end of the backyard to the other. Challenge your kids to swimming races. Play soccer with the kids. Take the bikes out of storage and go to the park for several hours of family bike riding.

There are as many “old fashioned” workout ideas as you have time to create. Take the dog for a jog around the park, or an old fashioned walk. Play a game of twister with the kids and feel the aches the next day. Utilize what you have around the house such as chairs, and the stairs, and do some old school workouts of sit-ups, jogging in place, jump roping, and even the old standard-jumping jacks.