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How to Treat Asthma with Yoga

Asthma is a nagging ailment that makes breathing difficult. When you suffer from an asthma attack, it becomes a pain to draw in every breath and the patient feels acute breathlessness. If the person does not have asthma pumps and inhalers with her (him) and if immediate medical attention is not available, then the situation could become life-threatening.

There are many yoga exercises that help to clear your breathing tract right from your nose, nostrils, throat, thorax, windpipe, up to your lungs. This makes asthma manageable. But for a complete cure, you would still require medical treatment. Yoga poses help you to open your chest and heart and help you to relax by making asthma more bearable.

You start doing this sequence of poses from a standing position. Keep your spine erect so as to allow your breathing tract to function at its best. Balance yourself on your feet and pull up your thighs as you lengthen up your body and lift up through the top of your head.

You can now do a heart, chest and ribcage opening move by stretching your shoulders behind and pushing your shoulder blades into your back. This helps you to thrust your chest out and open your heart and lungs. From this position, inhale deeply, and raise your arms above your head. Breathe into your ribcage, and as you exhale, bring your arms down. Press down with your feet and lengthen up through your arms and stretch your torso upwards. This also helps the windpipe to function better and allows more air to pass through.
Another exercise is to lift your shoulders up to the level of your ears. Your shoulders may actually touch your earlobes. Hold on to this position and then drop your shoulders down and relax to release the tension around your neck, shoulders and chest.

Come on all fours and straighten your arms from the elbows, and legs from the knees. Now raise your hips to make them the highest point in this position, as in the Downward facing dog pose. Lower your head between your arms and pause. Here you use gravity to work for you by allowing it to draw the air through your windpipe and outside your nose. Keep breathing slowly and consciously, taking in deep breaths followed by long and sustained exhalations.

You can conclude this sequence by doing the Cobra pose by lifting your shoulders up from a position of lying on your abdomen, also get into the plank pose by keeping your torso, neck and head aligned in a straight line and breathe consciously to help clear your windpipe.


How to Treat Asthma With Yoga




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