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How to tell if your Finger is Broken

Fingers are very prone to injury, especially sprains and fractures. They can get injured in so many different ways, such as getting smashed in a door; falling directly onto the fingers; during sports; a direct blow to them; and in various other scenarios. Fingers are also an important part of our body allowing us to do intricate works, like holding a pen, to daily chores; fingers help us perform all these with perfection.

Fingers are made up of three bones attached together with tendons and ligament. There are no muscles present in the fingers, making them more efficient yet more prone to injury. Fractures of the fingers are commonly seen in the emergency rooms. To add on, a fractured finger needs immediate medical help to prevent complications. For this reason, it is essential to know the symptoms that are produced with a broken finger.

The very first sign that is produced with a fractured bone of finger is pain. The pain is severe and unbearable for the individual. It is localized to the point of impact; however, in some cases, fingers adjacent to the affected finger may also experience severe pain. Due to pain, movement is also reduced to several degrees. Bending your fingers, or trying to perform a certain tasks take tremendous effort and produces extreme pain.

Furthermore, fractured bones of fingers will damage the surrounding tissues. This results in swelling, most commonly observed the second day of the injury. In severe cases, fingers present next to the affected fingers may also experience severe swelling. Bruising, or bluish discoloration of the skin, is also produced. Bruising results because of damaged blood capillaries which cause blood present in them to pool within the tissues.

The pain, swelling, and damaged tissues will, after some time, cause stiffness and numbness in the finger. The affected finger may also feel weak. Also, finger may also get deformed in shape, losing the alignment of the bones. In some cases, the bones may also get dislocated. In other words, gets completely dislodged from the joint.

Moreover, in severe cases, fracture of bones in fingers may also break the skin and becomes visible outside. In these cases, bleeding is profuse and it requires immediate medical attention and sometimes surgery.

The treatment of a broken finger depends on the severity of the condition. In minor injuries, finger is taped to the adjacent finger in order to completely make the finger immobile. Rest is an essential part of the treatment plan. Aspirin, or other analgesics, are given for pain. Ice packs ire also applied. In severe cases, surgery has to be performed.