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How to take Care of Constipation with Natural Home Treatments

Home remedies for constipation are more natural, safer and easier on your body than utilizing manufactured, chemically-laden medications sold over the counter. Utilizing man-made chemical medications as a remedy for constipation can be harsh on your body, while using many laxatives can cause great harm to your body. Your body may also become dependent on laxatives, causing your need to use more of them.

Relieving your body of waste material also helps create good colon health. There are numerous safe, home remedies for constipation. The methods of relieving constipation are by eating a fiber rich diet, drinking eight to ten glasses of water daily,and by exercising.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water every day helps to keep your body running efficiently. Water is needed to keep things running properly in your body. Your stomach, intestines and your colon all need water to digest food, and to help eliminate wastes from the body. Even though the human body acquires water from the foods taken into the body, this is still not enough water to keep the body hydrated and running like a well oiled machine. Your entire body must utilize the water ensuring proper hydration of the skin, your body organs and must keep constipation from occurring.


Exercising daily is a great home remedy for constipation. Exercising helps you stay in great shape, keeps your blood pressure low, and helps to maintain great digestive health. Your stomach, intestines and colon will also benefit from daily exercise. Exercising can stimulate your colon into doing what it does naturally.This will relieve constipation, just by walking, running on a treadmill, riding an exercise bike, or swimming.

Eating fiber

Eating fiber every day also is a great home remedy for constipation. Eating fiber daily will help your intestines and colon to rid your body of food wastes to be carried out with the fiber as it makes its way through your body. Fiber can be found in many foods such as oats, wheat, vegetables and fruit. Lettuce, bananas, carrots, celery, apples including the skin, and oranges will all help your body to add necessary bulk, carrying out the waste materials preventing constipation. Even drinking fruit juices such as tomato juice, and orange juice with pulp can count as helping to acquire your daily fruits, and vegetables, and also counts as giving your body the fiber it needs to properly digest your food.

Home remedies for constipation are numerous and beneficial when eating a more natural diet of healthy, unprocessed foods, drinking plenty of water, exercising and eating a high fiber diet. You may also want to try drinking more fruit juices, eating foods with more oils in them, or drinking beverages with caffeine. Home remedies of drinking mineral oil, or trying colonics can be utilized with warm water, or caffeinated tea.