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How to take a Babys Temperature

There are a few ways you can use to take your baby’s temperature. Doctors recommend taking your baby’s temperature even when they are not sick a few times to find out what your child’s normal temperature is because it is not exactly the same for all children. Old fashioned glass and mercury thermometer are considered not safe any more. They can shatter and both the glass and mercury are dangerous. Although its typical in older children and adults, its not safe to take a baby’s temperature by putting a thermometer in a baby’s mouth, nor would it be easy.

They also make pacifiers now that can take your baby’s temperature by having the infant suck on it as they would a normal pacifier. They however, might not be the most accurate method. Also, digital ear thermometers are available. They too may not be the easiester nor most accurate method. Also, some babies ear canal are too small to use them. They are however quite quick. They would be useful to do a quick check and make sure there is no fever. If the baby’s temperature seemed higher than normal with the ear thermometer then you should use another method that is more accurate.

One effective way is under the arm pit or axillary. This can be done with a digital thermometer. Hold the thermometer under the arm and hold the baby’s arm down for about 3 minutes or until the digital therometer beeps as the manufacturer’s directions indicate.

The method that doctors recommend the most as it is the most accurate is rectal. You should first lubricate the thermometer with petroleum jelly or water soluble lubricant such as KY. Then lay your baby over your lap, belly down. Gently spread apart the baby’s buttocks and insert the tip of the thermometer. Its recommended to only stick the thermometer in the rectum about half an inch to an inch. Hold the thermometer in place, do not let it go or it won’t stay in place and also could be pushed in further and hurt the baby. Some people even can manage to do this with the baby on its back on the changing station if it feels more comfortable for your baby. Also don’t be surprised if the baby has a bowel movement as this can stimulate his or her bowels.