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How to Stop from Eating Late at Night

Are you trying to lose weight? If so, have you found it easy to make it through the day – only to battle your food demons late at night? You find yourself standing in front of the refrigerator and digging in to whatever you can grab. You have now blown it, and you find the pattern repeating itself.

Late night eating is a common problem. People often seek comfort from food when at home at night, especially if they are alone. But late night eating can be stopped. You just need some tactics in place.

Below are tips on how to stop from eating late at night.

* Treat dinner as a meal, and do not allow snacking afterward

One trick is to form a habit of treating dinner as your final time to eat each day. Be sure to eat plenty of food for this meal. Allow yourself a small treat as a dessert. And then consider the kitchen closed. No more food after dinner!

While this may be easier than done, you can form this habit. It may be tough the first few days. It typically takes at least three weeks to establish a new habit. And it can take longer when it comes to issues around food. But if you make up your mind and stick with this plan of action, you can create a new way of doing things.

* Brush your teeth after dinner

After you complete your final meal of the day, brush your teeth. That can help stop future cravings. And if the temptation hits you to snack or eat a bit later in the evening, brush your teeth again. It really helps.

* Drink some hot tea

Sometimes you seek food for comfort, even when you are not hungry. Try making substitutions. If you have eaten enough for dinner and feel the urge to dive into late night eating, prepare a hot tea instead. It will take you a long time to drink the hot tea, and it will put something warm – and comforting – in your stomach.

* Call a friend

If you are really fighting not to engage in late night eating, call a friend. If possible, find a friend who will be an accountability buddy for you. If you reach for the phone instead of the cookies, you will feel better about yourself the next morning. And you will have made it through the evening without a late night binge session.