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How to Stop Boredom Eating

Many people snack and eat unhealthy foods when they don’t have anything to do and are feeling bored. There are several things you can do to reduce boredom eating and to get back to a more sensible diet.

Healthy Foods

The first thing you can do to reduce boredom eating is remove all the junk types of food from your home and replace this with only healthy food. Your less likely to reach for a carrot stick if your bored and if you so at least your going to be eating something healthy and good for you. Having chips and other high fat snack foods in your home will just increase the risks that you will eat when your bored. Stock your refrigerator with yogurt, fruit, and cut up vegetables. If you buy snack foods stick to ones made with whole grains so you get some nutrition if you end up breaking down and snacking. If you feel that you are becoming bored don’t reach for what is in your cupboard try a large glass of water instead to take your cravings away.

Stay Busy

Find things to do to keep yourself busy if you have plenty of free time. There are so many different activities you could try to reduce the boredom in your life and the urge to overeat during those times. Try going for long walks or do other exercises. You could read a book or surf the Internet to stay busy. One trick would to go online and look up lists of things to do. Just scroll through the list until you find something you like and go out and do it. Other activities could include board games with friends and family, crossword puzzles or other activities tat engage your mind and not your stomach. When you watch T.V. your not really doing anything constructive and boredom can tend to set in if there’s nothing on increasing the risks that you will start snacking. Try to reduce the time you spend watching T.V. and find constructive activities to do. You could pull out some paper and write a letter to an old friend instead of typing it.

Treat Yourself

If your bored go out and treat yourself to something new. This could be an new outfit, a CD, DVD or other item you have been wanting for some time. Take your mind off of eating and instead focus on yourself with a treat that doesn’t involve food. Take some friends with you so can all do something together and your friends can give you support to reduce your urges to overeat.


You can stop overeating when you become bored the trick is to not become bored in the first place. Try to keep yourself busy and treat yourself from time to time. Make sure to stock your home with healthy foods so if you do become bored and reach for another snack at least you will be getting something healthy in the process.