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How to Stock your Medicine Cabinet first Aid Items

Make the most of that handy cabinet in your bathroom. Next time you’re at the drugstore, make sure to stock up on handy items so you’ll never have to wonder, “Do we have any…”

Stay Healthy
Ward off illness before it starts with a multivitamin. And if you’re feeling the sniffles coming on, items like Cole Eeze are formulated to be taken at the first sign of symptoms to strengthen your immune system and help you ward off illness.

Colds and Flu
The medicine cabinet is perhaps most necessary when you’re not feeling well. Make sure you’re well-stocked with items that will come in handy next time you’re under the weather. For a cold, you’ll need a decongestant and cough drops. Check your fever with a thermometer and get back to bed!

Stomach Woes
If your tummy’s rumbling, you should have a stomach settler like Pepto Bismol. Antacids are also important. And make sure to have a stool softener or anti-laxative if your stomach troubles last a few days.

First Aid
Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment and gauze are all must-haves for any medicine cabinet. Plus, include emergency care for burns and bee stings. Include hydrocortisone or an itch cream for bug bites or poison ivy. Tweezers are helpful for splinter removal, and don’t forget to sterilize abrasions and cuts with peroxide.

Pain Relief
Headaches, backaches and sore muscles often drive us to the medicine cabinet looking for relief. It’s a good idea to have both an Aspirin, and an Ibuprofen product, making sure to reserve Ibuprofen for inflammation and sore muscles. A pain relief cream, such as BenGay, Icy Hot or Arnicare Gel can also give immediate relief to sore muscles. Stash a hot/cold pad nearby for extended pain relief.

Dental Hygiene
Make sure your medicine cabinet is stocked to keep your pearly whites healthy, and white. Include toothpaste, mouthwash and don’t forget floss. Not only does it keep your teeth clean, studies show that flossing could add over six years to your life.

Not to mention…
Every well-stocked medicine cabinet also has essential items including cotton balls and Q-tips. Depending on how often you’ll use your medicine cabinet, it’s also a handy place to store oft-used items like face wash, shaving cream, razors, and moisturizer.