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How to Stick to an Exercise Routine

If you’ve made a resolution to start exercising, it can be hard to actually get started, but after the initial push, you will probably begin to enjoy yourself. After a while, however, you could become stuck in a rut and start feeling reluctant to keep working towards your fitness goals. There are, however, a number of tips for making exercise resolutions stick.

Find an exercise partner

Unless you are someone who enjoys solitary exercise, it may be a good idea to find someone with whom you can exercise. If this is someone you live with, then all the better, because you can both make a point of eating more healthily at the same time. Alternatively, you could find a close friend, neighbour or colleague – ideally it should be someone you see on a regular basis. When you have a partner, you can support each other and remind each other of your goals.

Try different types of exercise

If you try one type of exercise, for example, swimming, or going to the gym, you will almost certainly become bored eventually. Try varying your routine as much as possible. If you enjoy going to the gym, then see if you can hire a personal trainer for a couple of sessions. They may well have suggestions for new routines to suit you. You could also try your hand at different sports. If you join a club, you will enjoy the social side too and you will be more likely to keep participating.

Read up about exercise

It can really help to read about the health benefits of exercise and the different trends that exist. This is easy if you have Internet access, but you could also subscribe to a monthly magazine. Magazine subscriptions don’t have to be very expensive and you should be able to find plenty of new ideas for exercise. You will be able to read articles that address any problems you may have with your exercise resolutions. Often the pictures of models in fitness magazines can be inspiring, especially because they tend to be of a healthy size rather than stick thin.

Make it easy on yourself

If you want to stick to your exercise resolutions, then it is sensible to make things as easy on yourself as possible. That doesn’t mean that you can’t push yourself, but set attainable goals and organise your routine so that it suits you. If you like to run to music, ensure you have plenty of inspiring music. If you like to exercise at home, have a variety of exercise DVDs or pieces of equipment to hand so that there is always something that you feel like doing.

Seek support from others

Even if you don’t have an exercise partner, it is still useful to have support from other people. Hopefully, you won’t need to seek it out, but if you do meet with indifference from close family and friends, then it is worth finding other ways of getting the support you need. This could be through online forums, or you might want to try exercise classes or diet clubs where you can find like-minded people. If you don’t have support channels of any kind, you will almost certainly eventually give up on your goals.

Treat yourself

Sticking to an exercise routine doesn’t have to be a painful experience, especially if you allow yourself treats once a week, or every time that you meet a goal. This could be a meal out, a new piece of exercise clothing or equipment, or some new clothes to show off your toned figure – whatever gives you something to look forward to and that you will appreciate. Every time you are reluctant to complete your routine, think about the treat you have planned and it will spur you on.

You will feel so much better about yourself if you manage to stick to a new exercise routine. Your health will improve, your body will be more toned and you will be enormously proud of yourself. Follow the tips above and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to keep to your resolutions.