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How to Stay up all Day after an Allnighter

For some people, remaining awake all night is no big deal. They might take a quick nap the next day and be perfectly fine. For others, myself included, staying up all night can make us feel down-right awful the next day. Lack of sleep is a strong factor in developing a sickness. Some of us develop colds after being awake all night. Here’s my advice to avoid these downfalls.

If you experience a sleepless night, whether it be because you got something on your mind, an all night party, or you just plain ol’ couldn’t get some sleep, here are some tips to feeling better the next day and avoiding getting sick:

1) First things first, take an Airborne. If you haven’t heard of this herbal medicine go pick up a tube of it at your local tore. They come in long slender tubes and they are shaped like Lifesavers. Airborne was developed by a teacher who was tired of contracting colds due to her germy students. It really does do wonders in preventing you from becoming ill. A bit pricy, but it’s worth it.

2) After you’ve taken an Airborne, take a nice shower. Take a few showers throughout the day if need be. A quick shower can really perk you up nicely.

3) Drink some energy drinks. I wouldn’t normally recommend these energy boost drinks due to them having some disreputable ingredients known to cause health issues later in life. But if you have had a sleepless night and have an important meeting or something of the other the next day, then go for it. Pick up a couple of Rockstars or some Red Bull at the store and drink a few throughout the day. They work, but don’t get hooked on them.

4) Last but certainly not least, take a nap. If you have the time this would be best. Take a nice long nap and when you wake up take a nice long shower. You’ll feel much better and your internal clock will be back to where it was in no time!