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How to Soothe a Sore Throat

Everyone hates it when they get a sore throat. The pain is excruciating every time you try to swallow. Sadly, most people don’t know that they can soothe their sore throat naturally without using the unhealthy cough drops and man-made medicines. Sore throats are usually a symptom of a bigger illness.

The bigger illness could be something as little as a tiny cold or as awful as the flu. Sore throats are the most annoying symptom because you are constantly swallowing your saliva which irritates your pharynx that is already inflamed.

There are a lot of ways to soothe a sore throat naturally. Some of the remedies are more pleasant than others but some of the more unpleasant ones work the best. Here are some of the top ways to soothe a sore throat naturally:

1: When suffering from a sore throat get as much rest as you can. This allows the body to fight off the sore throat with more energy.

2: Drink hot liquids. Sip on a cup of hot tea, coffee, or hot lemonade whenever you can. By sipping on it your applying somewhat of a hot pack to your throat, but in a way more painless than swallowing a hot pack – which I don’t suggest trying.

3: Suck on garlic. Simply break the garlic clove in half and get 2 of the cloves and put 1 in each of your cheeks. The chemical allicin is known to kill bacteria. I would strongly suggest not to talk to anyone up close because garlic breath is very unpleasant. This would be a excellent remedy if you have taken the day off of work due to your illness.

4: Gargling

*Gargle sage

Make 1 teaspoon of sage with 1 cup of boiling water. Let sit for 10 minutes then drain the sage out. Add 1 teaspoon of both honey and cider vinegar. Try to do this 4 times a day. This will relieve your sore throat for about 6 hours give or take.

*Gargle saltwater

If you can stand the taste of saltwater this will really benefit you because this helps the most out of the other 2 gargling methods. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to a cup of very warm water. Be sure it’s not too hot before you put it in your mouth.

Gargling saltwater reduces phlegm also known as mucus and saltwater also reduces inflammation. You want to reduce mucus because mucus can make your inflamed pharynx more inflamed.

4: Humidifiers

If you so happen to have a humidifier at your house sleep with it on. This will take the soreness away in no time. Most people don’t have a humidifier, but I wouldn’t suggest going out to buy one just because of your sore throat.

Other than a humidifier you can make the shower as hot as you like and stand there and breathe in the steam or you can put the hot water completely on and open the curtains/door to the shower and just stand in the bathroom breathing in the steam. You will only have to stand there for about 5 minutes to start feeling the soreness start to gradually go away.

5: Eat healthy!

If you happen not to eat healthy you might want to change. There are a lot of things to boost your immune system, some are: beet roots, lemon, carrots, broccoli, ginger and citrus fruits. To soothe your sore throat, fruit smoothies and hot soups help a lot and they taste great!


1) If you have a fever for more than 2 days or if your fever is 101 or over, seek medical help as soon as possible. If you start vomiting or any other serious symptoms occur, go to the hospital immediately. Sore throats can associate to more serious diseases. If your fever goes over 103 you should also go to the hospital.

2) Keep your nasal passages as clear as you can. Keeping your nasal passages clear will reduce mucus build-up in your nose that gradually goes down toward your throat which will cause your sore throat to stay even longer.

3) If your sore throat doesn’t get any better from these natural ways to cure a sore throat, I would either try the over the counter medicines or set-up a appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. If you don’t get any better from either these natural remedies or over the counter medicines within 4-5 days, contact your doctor.