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How to Renew your Life with an Inflow of Positive Thoughts

Welcome to a new beginning! You are about to embark on a journey of renewal with the inflow of positive thoughts. Research studies indicate that positive thoughts can yield a strong influence on your life; they can also help you to cope with the increasing demands of a too-hectic and too-stressful life in the 21st century. Did you know that a seemingly insignificant change in thoughts could make a big difference to your life?

Positive thoughts have a high probability of improving the quality of your circumstances and renewing your life for the better. Your circumstances need not always have to be associated with who you are and what material possessions you have in life. As Marcus Aurelius wisely stated, “A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it.”

It is your thoughts that actually give direction to your life. You can think your way in and out of any situations; you can attract any conditions you desire, you can navigate your way to success, health and happiness by the power of your thoughts. Indeed, you can willfully renew your life with an inflow of positive thoughts.

Here are SIX practical suggestions to help you make this happen:

1~ Practice optimism

An optimistic attitude is the single-most important tool that can enable you to build up your confidence level and remake your life to your best advantage. Begin practicing optimism by making it a habit to deliberately speak in a positive manner about everything in your life- your family, your work, your health and your future. Start shifting your mind’s focus to graciousness in speech and manners. Go out of your way to sound buoyant and make a deliberate effort to act mindfully in all your interaction with others.

2 ~ Use imagination

Imagine and create a detailed mental picture of the circumstances you desire; believe in it and work your way towards arriving at your imagined destination. Imagine that you are being helped by God as you plan to remake and renew your life. Visualize and hold fast to the series of positive pictures that you encounter during the process of your accomplishments. As you let the spirit of the natural inflow of positive thoughts stream in and possess your very being, you will consequently find some extraordinary good things happening in your life.

3 ~ Replace negativity

Take time and effort to unlearn and replace the negative trend of thinking. Whenever you encounter a negative element in your life, counteract with a cheerful, healthy and positive one. By deliberately following this trend, you can nourish and feed your mind with positive energy and become fully charged with a sense of inner drive and self-motivation. Soon, you will be able to renew your life with an inflow of positive thoughts leading to happiness and success.

4 ~ Practice self-help

It has rightly been said that self-help is the best help you can ever get; anything can be made possible with self-help. Your perception, whatever you think and believe, whatever you visualize, work and pray for, can all have a significant impact on your life. This inner spiritual power within you can lift you from all setbacks and problems. A steady inflow of positive thoughts could bring about a new YOU!

5 ~ Be inspired

Another good way to renew your life with an inflow of positive thoughts is to read inspirational stories- stories of people who have successfully overcome obstacles in their lives through faith and courage. Before you begin to read, quiet your mind first. Then as you read, be receptive to the new, inspirational thoughts entering your mind. You will soon begin to experience a powerful impact-adding fresh meaning and purpose to your life.

6 ~ Seek appropriate company

It is critical that in your quest to renew your life with the inflow of positivity, you seek the company of friends and companions who have a positive bent of mind. Maintaining friendship by interacting with like-minded people, could influence and further strengthen the inflow of positive thoughts. However, this does not imply abandoning negative friends. It simply entails tactfully keeping them at bay till you are in total control of your thoughts.

~ Conclusion

By mastering the above skills and incorporating these into your day-to-day living, you could successfully renew your life with an inflow of positive thoughts. When this technique is combined with faith and a short prayer, it can work wonders. Refrain from picturing difficulties and failures; instead, elevate your thinking to successful attainment of your goals.

Have implicit faith and belief that you will be able to implement new energizing, positive thoughts to remake and renew your life.

Reference: Chasing Life by Dr. Sanjay Gupta