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How to Rekindle your Creative Spirit at Midlife

For too many years, raising children, working, worrying, dealing with elderly parents, and much more, have taken up your time, till suddenly, you reach middle age. You stop to take stock, wondering how time has got away from you and why you ceased doing so many things you used to enjoy. So many things you were really good at, in fact. Realization dawns that over the years, you have abandoned those creative activities you used to enjoy so much. It is not too late to begin rekindling your creative spirit at midlife; it is still there within you, slightly rusty, maybe, through lack of use, but it is definitely there,believe me.

Think back to when your creativity flowed and into what channels it surged, bringing you so much joy and pleasure. Was it making music with friends? Was it photography, painting or drawing? Was it writing? Did you have a spectacular reputation for your wonderful cakes? Were you famous for your sewing skills, back when life seemed a little slower and easier? Did you sculpt, make beautiful gardens or sing in a choir? No doubt if you put your mind to it, you can come up with your own special brand of creativity, something I may have missed here. But these are just examples to illustrate how talented you probably are, if you just looked at yourself.

Look at all those possibilities, and how,for many of us, they represent the submerged talents we possess but have somehow ceased to use. Then dig out your old equipment and tools, or search for like-minded people in your area. Try the library and the local press for tip-offs as to what is going on that you can join, find the very things that match your creativity. Or just sit down and begin to create, to hone those skills you know you have, just waiting to be brought to life once more.

If you have grandchildren, then you have the very best motivational resource for rekindling your creative spirit at midlife. Spend some quality time with them and see how creative you HAVE to be. Thanks to one little girl, I have had to learn to sing folk songs again, to make models, to draw, paint, write poems and take up dancing! So – I might have had to scale down and simplify a bit – but there is no doubt, that child got my creative juices flowing once more. They have not stopped either. This is a wonderful way to start. It will definitely put you in the spirit of creativity, increasing your confidence and urging you to go ahead, do your thing. You have it in you, do not let it die, rekindle that creative spirt no matter how old you are, and enhance your life.