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How to Refrain from Putting on Weight during the Holidays

The holiday season is the perfect time for giving and sharing, especially with your loved ones.
In this season parties are non-stop which also means overflowing supply of pecan pies, chocolate fudge eggnogs, champagnes and wines. During the holidays many people confess putting on extra (or a lot!) pounds.
After all, with all the food surrounding us in this season of merry making, it’s just so hard not to succumb to temptations. I know of a friend who pretty much eats everything that the diet manual forbid and remain fit and fab. I don’t know where she stores those carbs and fats!

So instead of starving and depriving yourself of the holiday food, here are some tips you can follow to still look good and healthy.

First, do not deprive your self of the yummy treats! Reverse psychology tells us that humans get more curious and want something even more if we know we can’t have it. But if you allow yourself to eat everything that captures your fancy, the thrill of eating something prohibited is diminished. If you think this way, you’ll notice that you will not binge on these foods but take in just enough to nourish your body and mind. Once in a while, ignore those popular diets that ask you to stay away from carbs, sweets and calories. Besides, it’s such a waste not to taste and experience eating all the lovely and palatable treat carefully prepared by our loved ones and friends.
Sensible eating is the key.

The laughs and stories in between bites, especially during holiday parties would sometimes draw our attention away from the food we are gobbling up. Another tip you can take in (no pun intended) is mastering mindful eating.
Eating mindfully means savoring every bite, every mouthful which enhances the eating experience and at the same time makes us aware of how much we are taking in. When you eat mindfully during the holidays, you know that it’s time to stop eating when you feel you are already full, or when you taste something that is not that appetizing.

In general, the holidays are festive times. But party preparations, last minute Christmas shopping and holiday traffic, can turn this joyous occasion into a stressful experience. And what do some of us do when they are stressed? We eat! Instead of stress eating, why not take long walks or, engage in physical activities like aerobics or yoga, perhaps. Brisk walks with your loved one are perfect way to lose those extra pounds de-stress and enjoy your loved one’s company. Yoga on the other hand does not only help you burn calories and improve flexibility, it also calms the mind and the spirit. If you have some money to spare, why not engage in a good massage.

The holidays are also the perfect opportunity to reflect on the year that was and be grateful for all the blessings bestowed. Sometimes, we get too many good things that we tend to ignore them. The mere fact that people invite you to celebrate the holidays with them is something we should already be thankful for. There are so many things that we can be thankful for aside from the gift of friends and family, we should also be grateful for our health, a good year and all the good food that we have.