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How to Pick your Teeth without a Toothpick

Do I have something stuck in my teeth? Don’t you just despise that strange feeling you get when you have something stuck between your teeth and you don’t have a toothpick handy? You could be anywhere such as out to a movie, or at a restuarant. You can feel it there right smack dab in the middle of your two front teeth and can’t do anything about it, because that would be rude. And people around you are telling jokes while you do that strange smile thing, that doesn’t expose any teeth.

You can run to the bathroom and look through your pockets or your purse and try to dislodge that offending piece of food from between you teeth. You can also ask the waitress for a toothpick too. But just in case you can’t get a hold of a toohpick or you are outdoors somewhere such as a campsite and you feel that foreign piece of food between you teeth there is something you can do to get it out.

There are any number of things that you can utilize to get that piece of food out from between your teeth and most of those items are in your own home or in your own purse. And it is best to not leave it in the back of your teeth as such. When it gets stuck in your gum for too long because you can get a gum infection from it. That would require going to the dentist and obtaining costly care, pain and possibly antibiotics.

Here are ten items you can utilize to get that piece of food out of your teeth without using a toothpick:

1. Did you ever try getting a piece of food out from between your teeth with a steakknife? This one is great for using when you are camping, or you have nothing else handy but your utensils. Just stick the pointy end in between your teeth and work it out. You may only want to do this with the front teeth so that you don’t slice open your tongue or one of your gums.

2. For people who smoke, you may have one of these on your person right now-a matchbook. Utilize the matchbook cover at the tip and work free the offending piece of food.

3. Did you know that long fingernails are not just meant to look pretty? They have other uses also such as dislodging a piece of food from between your teeth. A long nail works on any teeth, including those hard to get at ones and gets all the food out.

4. Good old fashioned floss works wonders at getting the gunk out from between your teeth and even your gums without causing any damage. Just follow the directions on the case and you should have it out in no time. You could even just throw one small case of floss in your purse and have it with you at all times.

5. When you are working in an office situation, a post it note can do more than just stick to things to help you remember what to do. A post it note can be slid in bewteen your teeth to get food particles out also! And they are small enough that you can use one all the way back there too.

6. A Q-tip can be utilized to work out pieces of food from between your teeth and also from between your gums and teeth. And it doesn’t hurt either! You can rub the soft end of the Q-tip on your tooth and get a massage at the same time.

7. Did you ever use your tweezers to get food out from between your teeth? Well, now you know that tweezers can be used to not only tweeze your eyebrows, but can be utilized to dislodge a piece of food that is stuck in your teeth. Tweezers that have those really sharp ends work the best though.

8. A pocketknife has so many uses and can be used as to pick your teeth too. Cowboys out on the range use their pocketknives in this manner all the time. They have to use their knives because their fingermails are too dirty.

9. Pencils are good for more than just doing homework. You can pick your teeth with them too. Just work that pencil tip in and pull slowly to get the piece of food out. Just don’t use this method often as you may get lead poisoning.

10. When you get one of those annoying magazine subscription cards, think twice before throwing them out. They can be used to pick your teeth! Just take one that is thick enough, but not too thick and slide between your teeth. The offending food particle should be out in a jiffy!

There you have it ten ways to pick your teeth without using a toothpick. There are many other ways to rid your teeth of offending food partciles you just have to look around your house, or your pocket or even your purse.