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How to Manage Everyday Stress

Stress is not something that one will can ignore and pretend that it is not there. It is something that is very real and can be very dangerous if it is ignored. There are ways to cope with everyday stress without taking medication.

Meditation is useful because it involves relaxation. It is also helpful if the person goes in a quiet area in their home or if the person can find a quiet and peaceful place outdoors where nature takes over the mind. All is heard is the birds and the wind of the trees. The beach is a beautiful place for meditation. The calm waves are soothing and the vision of the water is great. Meditation does not take hours and hours of your time. 30 minutes is good enough to relax your body.

You must also place yourself in a laying or sitting position to get the full effect. If you are indoors no t.v. should be on. You may put on soothing music, dim the lights and light a few candles to put you in a relaxing environment. Sounds of nature is available at stores like Walmart and Target.

Yoga is very good for meditation. The meditation type of yoga consists of breathing exercises. Positions that make you one with yourself. You will get a good stretch which will relax your muscles from head to toe. Yoga helps a person to forget their troubles as they breathe and relax into the different positions. I am one to admit. I have practiced yoga for two years. It was advised to me by my doctor after encountering extremely painful migraines due to everyday stress. The pain would last for hours at a time. I would take medication with side effects that were not too comfortable. Yoga was the only way to go. I also had to realize that I could not stress myself into bad health over things, mainly financial problems that were not in my control. I tried to focus on the good things in my life and it helped me to work towards the stressful matters in my life. Yoga was the best result.

Another thing that helped was I had to remove part of the stress that was present. I was in college studying nursing and the stress level was very high. It hurt tremendously to change programs but my health was in jeopardy. I changed programs and is doing better and I still practice yoga at least twice a week. If you are able to detect the stress that is in your life, try to recognize it and eliminate it if possible. If the stress is something that is everyday stress like fiances, try yoga and breathing exercises, it works.