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How to Make your Child Brush your Teeth

Brushing teeth is a difficult practice to made habitual among children, but by adopting various approaches, it can be made habitual as well as effective. In order to make your child brush teeth, you should know the basic brushing techniques as it will be passed on to your child.

A correct technique of brushing would be effective as well as less damaging to the gums and teeth. In a widely acceptable method, the bristles of the brush are placed at 45 degree angle with the gums. The brushing should take place from gums towards the edges of the teeth which will effectively take the plaque away from the gums. This should be done for each and every tooth and the chewing surface of the teeth should be brushed horizontally. Finally, the tongue should also be cleaned and rinsed well. The whole process should last at least 2-3 minutes.

With all this knowledge behind, you can now embark on persuading your child to brush their teeth. Some of the measures that can be used are listed below.

You should ask the children to brush their teeth at the same time you yourself brush your teeth. As children like to imitate their parents or adults, this would be a good opportunity you should never miss.

They should be given attractive toothbrushes of their liking and choose a toothpaste which is safe as well as pleasant in taste and color. Explain to them why they need to brush and how they should be doing it.

Demonstrate to them in a playful manner the correct brushing techniques and you can make use of a soft toy which is liked by the child to demonstrate the process. Positive reinforcement would be a vital ingredient of the convincing process of a child and a rewarding system in any form except for something sweet would be appropriate.

Explain to the children what will happen if the teeth are not cleaned properly and show them picture books, posters, photos of what could have happen if tooth brushing was not practiced.

Give the children games and toys which are related to oral structures and its cleaning mechanisms.

Make the visit to the dentist a pleasant one with positive re-enforcement and re-assuring words.

Make the washroom used to brush the teeth a pleasant and attractive environment for the child to be there for a longer duration and thus hopefully brush for a longer duration.

Even though these methods are listed out above, it doesn’t mean that these are the only methods. Therefore, each and every parent can identify the liking and disliking of your child and accommodate these measures or some other innovative and creative practices to make your child brush teeth.