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How to Make Weight Loss as Easy as possible

Losing weight ought to be easy, really, since the formula is pretty simple to understand; you have to burn more calories than you consume. Yet, with more American adults falling into the overweight and obese categories than the healthy weight category it is clear something is going wrong somewhere. At the same time as people are getting heavier, the weight-loss industry is booming, as ordinary folk part with their cash in an attempt to find a method of losing weight that works for them. Weight loss obviously isn’t as simple as just burning more calories than you consume, then.

However, it really is this simple; it’s just that people make it more difficult for themselves. Everyone wants to believe that it is possible to lose weight instantaneously without putting in the effort, and so there are plenty of individuals who willingly spend a fortune on pills and potions that claim to speed up the weight-loss process. They’d be better off looking at their lives and seeing what subtle changes could be made to reduce their calorie intake and increase their calorie expenditure, though, since this how weight loss comes about.

The trouble is that people set their sights too high, hoping to lose five to ten pounds a week, when really they should count themselves lucky if they lose two. In order to lose a pound a week the body has to burn 3,500 more calories than the number consumed, which equates to a calorie reduction of 500 calories a day.

This isn’t such a large number if individuals simply cut their portion sizes down and opted for less calorific alternatives at mealtimes and for snacks. There may be a tendency to think that you have to live on salads and avoid carbohydrates when attempting to lose weight, but this simply isn’t true. If this is what most people believe it is no wonder that so many fail to achieve their weight-loss aims.

Clearly, then, for weight loss to be as easy as possible individuals need to work with the routine they already have and to make changes to it that they can follow in the long run. Deciding to follow the ‘maple syrup diet’ might result in substantial weight loss at first, but the weight will all come back in the end, which people need to realise.

It is therefore much better to focus on making alterations to the eating and exercise habits which are already in place and to improve on them, rather than simply abandoning one routine for another, only to revert back to the former, thus leading to weight gain. This is surely an easier and more effective way of approaching weight loss.