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How to Make Losing Weight Easy

Losing weight doesn’t have to be so difficult and depriving for you. People as I said before, think that they must deprive themselves of most foods in order to see the scales inch downward. What it is really all about, is portion control, and of course, what you are eating. They say, “You are what you eat.” Right? That is true. If you eat tons of fried foods, with grease and gravies, lots of sweets that are over 500 calories at least, and pile up your plate with tons of fattening food, what can you expect? The result of all that, along with zero activity is going to be a continual weight gain.

So you can start by having a nice well-rounded healthy breakfast to lose weight. Eat a cup of whole grain cereal or whole-grain pancakes or waffles, with low-fat milk, and 1 slice toast. One-half cup of orange juice is fine. That is a nice healthy start to the day, and without eating tons of calories.

Have a mid-morning snack! Instead of eating sweet rolls or glazed doughnuts, have a low-fat muffin, 2 slices whole wheat toast, or 1 granola bar which is low in fat. When you eat things like glazed doughnuts, sweet rolls, etc., like that, you will only put in more calories, and add more weight!

Lunch time is here. Instead of having something really fattening, such as regular potato chips and regular hot dogs, Cuban sandwiches with all the dressings and fixings, change that pattern. Instead, have soup in one cup, 4 slices of low-fat lunch meat, and two graham cracker squares. Or, you can have a Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones frozen entree, and add some extra steamed fresh vegetables on the side. That will encourage your weight to go down, and not keep going up.

Your afternoon snack, and you can have one and lose weight, should be something filling and healthy! Try a blueberry smoothie. Take one-cup aspartame sweetened yogurt vanilla flavored, and 1 cup frozen or fresh blueberries. Blend in the blender with one ice cube all together. This snack is nice and filling. It is a lot better than having something like danishes, doughnuts, and other rich bakery treats.

For supper, have a meal that centers around vegetables, low-fat or lean cuts of meat in 3-4 ounce serving sizes, and a potato. Having anything fried is really high in calories, or other high calorie foods such as some pasta dishes that are made with all of the fattening ingredients. You can buy a good cookbook that has low-fat foods, (Betty Crocker and Weight Watchers has several,) and slim down your favorite dishes. And it is always important to watch your portion sizes. Include a large tossed salad with your meal, and add plenty of freshly steamed vegetables too.

Before bed time you can eat a snack too, as long as it is lower than 110 calories. Try some low-fat Weight Watcher’s ice-cream in one half of a cup each. That is a satisfying bedtime snack, and you can still lose weight provided you have also done at least 30 minutes of daily activity. Changing your ways makes a world of difference!