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How to Make Filling a Prescription Easier

It can seem like a nightmare to wait in line for 45 minutes to an hour on a Friday afternoon to fill a new prescription. My husband and I recently went through this experience after years of being spoiled to ready to go or delivered medications.

Generally there is no reason to be in such a situation. If you have a chosen pharmacy that you routinely use, you can cut out a lot of paper work. They will have your insurance already on file. Your routine prescriptions will be in their data base with the number of refills and prescribing physician.

If you have difficulties getting prescriptions filled in a timely manner you may, see if you are utilizing the pharmacy to its best advantage.

1. Check out pharmacies and choose one that will work with you for your needs.

For refills it is easy to call the pharmacy with the Rx number. They will fill it as time allows and you can pick it up on the QT.

Having a pharmacy that knows you also helps as they may let you carry a monthly credit. I am on a number of medications that need refilled monthly. I pay once a month for my bill and they know I will get it paid up as soon as I can. There is no worry of being taken to credit associates for late payment. They know that I will pay in full once a month.

My pharmacy is especially helpful by their willingness to deliver medications to our small town. They have a select few persons they trust who deliver to our small town about 15 miles south each day. The only thing they ask is that we try to fill several at a time because of gas prices.

2. Talk to your doctors about methods of relaying prescriptions to the pharmacist that will help you and the pharmacy save time and frustration.

Getting new prescriptions without hassle is much easier today than it once was. Almost all of the doctors our family see have faxes. The doctor simply faxes the new prescription with all the details to the pharmacy with instructions about delivery or pick up. We never have to wait in line.

The one exception to faxing in new prescriptions or calling in refills from doctors are controlled substances. These must be hand written and delivered to the pharmacy to be filled. The law requires such precautions, and I don’t mind that small, rare inconvenience.

3. Check to make sure your chosen pharmacy is in your preferred provider list for insurance, and if possible get one that belongs to a large network. If you travel a network of pharmacies can be a major time saver.

Our pharmacy is part of a network. A network of pharmacies helps us to be able to fill scripts when we are out of town. We can go to a network pharmacy and give them our home pharmacy’s number. They simply get into the computer database for the network and all the information is there.

That brings me back to the recent frustration of having to fill a prescription at the end of the day on a Friday. Most of the time we would not have to deal with such a crowd. This was the exception as my appointment was with my surgeon.

My recent surgery left me with some pain that was not controlled by over the counter pain medication. That day my appointment was set for 12:30 in the afternoon, but as can happen my surgeon was caught in emergency surgery until after 3:30 p.m.

This rare occurrence of standing in line at the pharmacy is unavoidable. But, for the most part we seldom have to feel such frustration.