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How to Make a Difference for Kids with AIDS

How to Make a Difference for Kids With AIDS

For billions of human beings from around the globe, AIDS is an every day reality for defenseless ones; the children. Whether it’s their own flesh and blood, or the sickly child down the street, they are still human beings, they are still children, and they are the responsibility of all mankind. It may take an act of love to bring a child into the world, but it’s up to the world to take a child and show him love. Painful, terminal, no cure; these words are heard far too often, and in just a single day at that. No child should have to embark on such an unjustified journey, and yet their innocent footprints lead forward impressions on a quickly sinking ground beneath them. To shed some warmth on the frigid truth, there are ways to make a difference for kids with AIDS. Nothing you do to show compassion for a child will go unappreciated.

For some couples, conceiving a child is a blessing that appears only in faraway dreams. As an alternative to IVF, or undergoing tedious, painful, and expensive fertility treatments, some families choose adoption/fostering. Adoption and fostering are not reluctant ends to repeated failed attempts to naturally conceiving. Instead, look at these choices with careful consideration, and decide upon the fact that having a child/children to love is the purpose at hand. There are many children in need of love, and they are victims of AIDS. So, how can you make a difference? Adopt or foster parent a child that is suffering from AIDS, and give them a chance to lead a meaningful life. Yes, it’s a terminal illness, yes there will be hard times, and yes, there will be some tears, but there will also be joy, love, and compassion. The heart of a child loves unconditionally, shouldn’t everyone?

As seen on the television and countless written material, sponsorship programs are always in need of financial aid to help children with AIDS, and in some cases, their families as well. Sponsorship of a child with AIDS can make a wonderful way to show love and care. The finances that are donated to the sponsorship program are employed in a number of ways that provide assistance. Paying for medicines, food, shelter, clothing, and surgeries are just some ways the sponsorship dollars are wisely contributed to. You do not have to sponsor an AIDS suffering child in a foreign land; these kids come from all over the world, and from all types of families and socioeconomic backgrounds, many can be found close to home. As an extra measure of feeling like you have made a difference for kids with AIDS, monies that are accrued through sponsorship help to keep families together. This is especially true in places like Ethopia and Somalia, which are prosperous in poverty, and where families are separated due to absences of means to care for a child with AIDS.

Donate to children’s hospitals or research institutes. Scientists, volunteers, and doctors are working around the clock, exasperating excruciating resources to find treatments and cures. Kids with AIDS look to these people and places as providers of hope that someday there will be no need to suffer. No monetary amount is too small, and no effort is too great. Give the spare change from the console of the car, or the couple of dollars that were going to be designated for purchasing tickets to the newest movie premiere in town. The ten dollars that could have provided you with a two-hour show and a buttery snack, could be the ten dollars needed to buy an antibiotic for a kid with AIDS.

For many years, the contagiousness of AIDS has taken on a rather speedy and vastly-spreading course. As advances in microbiology and medical research have risen, there’s still no cure, so why not fight for a good cause? Give to research or sponsorship network. Maybe the spare bedroom is just tugging at your heart for the sound of a child’s laughter; foster or adopt a child with AIDS. As long as hope and compassion remain more than just words, there are many ways to make a difference for kids with AIDS.