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How to Lower Glucose Levels Naturally

My grandmother had diabetes and had struggled with keeping her glucose under control. It has been my passion to research and understand this disease.

Lowering your blood glucose level is more important than you will ever know, especially if you are a diabetic. There are few things you can do to naturally lower your sugar levels.

Eat foods high in fiber including apples, oatmeal, whole, unrefined grains, bulky vegetables, nuts and seeds. You can bake with splenda using most of these ingredients and actulally have a wonderful tasting snack, that is if you dont like any of these foods by theirself.

A beverage you want to avoid at all cost are soft drinks. On the average a 12 ounce can of pop usually has approximately 11 teaspoons of sugar. If you drink six a day, that is a total of 66 teaspoons of sugar. I love my pop, so this one is really hard for me. If you love sweet tea, red diamond with splenda is a fantastic alternative to the full sugar option. I also drink it mixed with green tea for a healthier option.

Also try eating 6 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 regular sized meals. To make these easier, I make small portions in zip-lock baggies and bring 4 of them to work with me.

You can exercise in the morning before you eat to lower your sugar, this works almost as good as some medications. Also, a walk after your dinner can also help lower your level.

I know everyone loves their white bread, potatoes, pasta and most of all chocolate. I hate to to be the bearer of bad news, but these foods are also on the ” avoid at all cost list” If you avoid these foods alone it will improve your overall glucose level. If you love potato chips, pork rinds are a great alternative for something crunchy and salty. Pork rinds are carb free.

Over the counter medications are sometimes misleading. I suggest you read all of the ingredients. Alot of these medicines are high in sugar. This could greatly effect glucose levels.

If you pay attention to what you put in your body and read all the labels of your food and medicine you should be on your way to lower your glucose levels. A helpful website to visit is www.diabeticdietfordiabetes.com .